Feast of Blades '13

Friday, November 16, 2012

Support kittens! buy my warhammer stuff!

Ok Guys I quit my job and am looking at selling off some things I have no chance of ever using, most of which its all still on sprue untouched!

So I am selling (all on sprue except for metal  high elves)

20x mantic ghouls, make great zombies for anything...and ghouls of course too

5x hexwraiths/ black knights, these guys are useful and still in box

a corpse cart still in box

10xmetal high elf swordmasters primed white

20xmantic revenant skeletons (make great skeletons and grave guard)

A land speeder storm still on sprue

link is here


So this is my kitten Amy, she needs kitten food
So support kittens and look at my auctions XD
Thanks guys, content coming soon!

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