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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Newest Venture

Well after a few horrible attempts at reaching into the "Blogoshpere" I've finally decided to settle down and to write my own blog. Now Im not gonna be an egotistical prick or assume I know everything, which I don't. Im just your ordinary Wargamer trying to claw my way through this hobby that we all love. I've been into 40k since that one faitful day my cousin introduced me into 40k when I was 7 at a beach house on the Jersey shore, bought my first Leman Russ a few months later, lost my way through the end of third and most of 4th. Now with fifth edition into full swing, and 11 years of experience I can say I love this hobby. I've won and lost tournaments. Im pretty average in all ways gameing. Now never take me too seriously and please feel free to contribute to the conversation. Here I inted to write about 40k tactics, armies, and the game itself. I'll also talk about and cover tournaments, as well as a new club I joined (Ocean State Dice Devils). So please, enjoy my articles, say what you think, and hit that cool little follow button on the left next to the rest of those people.

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  1. It's always great fun for me to hear someone else's take on the hobby, I'm grateful to have come across your blog and look forward to reading about your gaming experiences. Best of luck to you (and your new club), I hope this proves to be very rewarding for you.