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Thursday, August 19, 2010

TempleCon 2011!

I know we are still a long ways out but I'd like to talk about TempleCon 2011 in this Post. TempleCon is a convention for everything from Video Games, roleplaying, hobbying, and most importantly Minitures Wargameing! It takes place at a beautiful hotel in Warwick, Rhode Island on the weekend of Febuary 4th-6th. (Yes, home to that specific tv show about ghosts) The Club I am in is hosting all of the Games Workshop events this year. We are gonna have limited space but so far there are many events we will put on including a 2000 Point Doubles Tournament (1000 each player) as well as Apocolypse and a Midnight Showdown. Our main event will be a 1750 Point 40k Tournament. We will also be having Fantasy events and a tournament. All events will have prize support courtesy of The Ocean State Dice Devils. We hope to pack this event so that we are allowed a bigger room for next year and host a GT. We will be using RankingsHQ so power gamers do apply. So come on down(up really) to TempleCon; even if you don't play 40k or fantasy there is a MASSIVE Warmachine tournament as well as Flames of War and a few others Minitures Games. (There even is a North American Diplomacy Federation Tournament for all you whiskey and cigar diplomats!) There will be demos on painting and hobbying as well. There are also a few exciting vendors coming along (you'lll have to wait for future posts for me to disclose that information, ;) ).

We have a few other exciting events in planning as well, more details in future posts.

Did I mention the entire event is open for everyone, there are no specific costs beyond the door fee? That means you can enter and enter all of the tournaments and demos for no extra charge at all! So get a group together and come for a fun time! (And you get to see me for what thats worth)

Heres the event website templecon.org

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  1. Ill be there and ill come back with a throne of skulls lol