Feast of Blades '13

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

BatReps and Notifications

Hey everyone that reads sorry about the lack of posts. Moving to Rhode Island and kicking it back into college and stuff leaves me little time to think of stuff to write. so here are some notifications on upcoming stuff here and in my 40k life.

Anyway I did promise 2 video batreps last friday. I did say this before but the camera broke right after I did the little bit on the armies and set up. Then I was stupid and left it back in Jersey. So I can not post videos on them. I CAN tell you what happened and my thoughts on the army. (So yeah there is some 40k content in this post)

Ok so the first game was against Marcus and his 1750 Tyranid list. I had my 1750 Chaos tournament list. 4 Objectives was the game with 1 on my left and 3 in a triangle formation between our main bodies on the right. He had a Tyrant with a couple guard. A unit of 5 shrikes. a unit each of termigaunts and hormigaunts. As well as 2 units of 12 Geanstealers. He also footslogged a Trygon. So he infiltraded the stealers and deployed the rest. I set out my army with the oblits on a hill with the raider and Rhinos set to rush. My Prince was hidden as well. One rhino was on my far right with the Raider and other rhino in the middle. My Defiler was on the same hill as the oblits on the far right side of it partially hull down)

I got first turn rushed my stuff forward and my first defiler battlecannon shot took out his entire 280 odd point shrike unit. Great start to the game for me. That unit would have ripped me to shreds. He moved forward and cast paroxysm(spelling? anyway that power that makes all your guys drunk in a unit). So I sent that zerker unit up to fight some stealers but got shredded. I know not to assault Stealers anymore. My unit got wiped because of paroxysm. My LAnd Raider Zerkers got it in with some other stealers and started to get pushed back. Now he did divide his force between all fo the objectives. He couldve pushed me back at this point if he did not do that. My Daemons had to come down and bolster my Zerkers. My other unit of zerkers sacraficed themselves to get rid of a gaunt unit and a Trygon. I managed to kill them all. My daemons pushed the comabts back in my favor. I lost all but 2 Zerkers. I did wipe him out but a unit of Warriors. Best part of the battle was my defiler and Daemon Prince charging his Tyrant and a single guard. The guard got a lucky blow and destroyed my defiler. What are the odds? Yet my Prince killed them both. End of game saw me rushing a Raider as well as a rhino and Prince on one of his objectives. He had 3 turns left and 3 targets to kill. It saw him rushing my prince with stealers and getting himself killed. I wont the game 2-0

Thoughts? Don't charge unsupported Zerkers into Stealers. Daemon Prince with warptime and wings wrecks face. Tough and really fun game.

The next game saw my chaos against his 1750 Necrons. This time he dropped the lords and brought in the Deciever. I hate this model as it gave my chaos its only loss. This time it was 3 objectives. He castled up in the corner with his warriors and immortals half behind his lith capstoneing the formation. I used my basic formation I wrote above except the oblits were in the middle on the Imperial bastion terrain piece that GW put out. Now First turn saw me decideing to throw everything I know about 'Liths tot he wind and I fired my oblits Lascannons on it. One of them hit and then I rolled two 6's and blew it up. (Yeah I know one in a million, it normally would be a bad stradegy yet it was high risk/high reward and it payed off). I also took down some Immortals with a battlecannon. The game saw me massacre threw his 3 units of Destroyers and my Zerkers sweeping through his army. His C'tan got sucked into an assault for 2 turns with my Prince. I threw 3 wounds on him and he killed me although. Game ended turn 3 so it did not matter with the god roaming around. I phased him out.

Thoughts? Dont ever shoot at the Lith unless it is all you can do, those shots could have easily been wasted. He shouldn't have rushed my Prince with his Deciever, he should have gotten in my face. My army is good againts Crons since I basicly ignore most of the glancing shots he shoots because of Daemonic Poss. His Gauss is not effective.

Anyway both games were really fun. I can't wait to see him and his buddy at TempleCon.

Now to some Notes. I am in Rhode Island now, so anyone up here has a good event going on just tell me and I'll post it up here. Might go to it if I can find a ride. I am suppose to play in my first FLGS tournament up here this weekend and meet the club guys if someone in it can give me a ride. I dont want to walk 3 miles. (Melon Head know anyone who can?)

Anyway Ill post a real article up here when I can. Ill get one up tommorrow hopefully....

More on all this stuff later......


  1. OK so when are we gonna get our game in? Seeing as how your in town now....

  2. As for a ride, when I go to the shop I can pick you up....unfortunatly I work Saturdays so I hardly make it to the Sat tournies (which is why the OSDD tournies will be on Sundays)....so this weekend is a no go for me.

  3. i took the liberty of figuring out the odds of my tyrant guard destroying your defiler...1 in 162, if you're curious haha.

  4. Thanks Terra, im good for anyday pretty much after 1:45.

    Thank you Aurelius lol, it was crazy, Defilers are close combat beasts with an extra arm or two and that was just horrible luck.

  5. no ride is rough :( but this might make you feel better i'm 40ish miles away from my gaming spot and 3 miles aint that bad.

    Get one of those carts battlefoam makes or the old 1520 with the straps and carrying your army won't be a problem. The walk will give you time to think of lists and cheesy combos.

    I would like to point out I do not walk the 40 miles but i walk to school every day 15 min 1way.