Feast of Blades '13

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One Month stats in and a tournament!

Ok so basicly I am one month into this silly blogging thing (why havent you followed me yet fool? I know you havent) Ive had over 2,100 page views which is awsome (why do you guys read this? lol but seriously follow me if you read this. It makes me know how often I should post)

Anyway on to something important. I am playing in a 1250 Point tournament in Newport, RI this saturday. I have never really played this point level. I like the smallness though, its my thing. I am stuck between my chaos and a leveled down poor mans list.

Ok if I ran the Nilla 'Rines list I would take my Poor mans army and basicly reduce the bikes down to just the attack bike. Slice off half of one tactical squad (removing the heavy weapons).and if I needed more points I would pick off upgrades here and there.

If I ran chaos I was thinking about dropping the Raider and it's squad in my 1750 point list. If I needed more points I'd either drop an Oblit or replace them with a vindicator (just because I have never run the damned thing and I do not know why i bought it)

Now very few people run chaos up here, and supposidly many people run orks. What is al of your oppinions. My chaos are better painted fyi but this is a lax easy tournament

(Terra I know your gonna read this so can you bring the dice devils shirt, a medium. It is 25 right? Ill bring the cash $$$) Yet please people leave your oppinions on what is better at 1250, I am no expert at this level (1500 I will pwn you all at ;] )


  1. the T-shirt is 20, the ebtry fee is 5....The tournies at NP tend to be on the small side...1250 is a high point tournie for them. The missions will be crazy, so be for warned.....lol. The guy running it (Charlie) is the Head of minigames schedualing at Templecon this year (He's also from Jersey....lol). Yes theres little Chaos Maine armies in the area, I play one and theres maybe one or two more dedicated chaos guys (they will probablly not be at this tournie).Orks, Nids, Space WOlves are everywhere. Its funny there actually are not alot of Vanilla Marine players either (Again I am one). Sure theres lots of Marines but they are all SW, BT, or BA's....I would go with chaos because its not seen too often at NP and would be a good choice at these low levels. I think the Marine codex struggles more under 1500 points. Either way I hope we match up, if not then we can do a game before we leave. FYI I am bringing Chaos Daemons to this.

  2. For the tournament I suggest taking whichever list you enjoy the most since it's going to be more of a laid-back tournament environment. Personally I'd take your Chaos army and try to work in the vindicator if only to use it in some games and see how things work out. I hope your games go well for you, and congrats on all the visits to your blog.