Feast of Blades '13

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Mise en Place" for War Gaming

Well I guess you could consider this topic for any game type. I was left thinking about this in my class this morning. Since normally I am poorly prepared I have been sleeping through my classes. So this morning I tried a different morning routine and suddenly my early 7 am class felt fine and easier than my 9:20. I started to think about how this can relate to 40k and tournaments so I decided to skip my 2nd class and come write this (It is ok I had nothing to do in Public Speaking today anyway, I am an excellent student if you can not tell ;] )

See in the culinary profession we call getting prep work done mise en place. You have to get your mise en place done before you start cooking anything. Now I noticed that in the past when I was ill prepared for a tournament I would wake up and scramble, not eat anything all day and then come home with a headache and starving from that tournament. If I just got up with everything prepared in these instances I probably would've played a lot better.

You could also say the meta game is related to your mise en place for a tournament. Audit, audit and then audit your list again. Find errors and think about the units. Prep work can go a long way. I have had times when I went to a tournament uknowingly with an illegally written list (did not write every upgrade down and such). I always audit my lists now before any event.

Eat something before you go gaming. Soda and red bull from the gaming store is awsome but real food makes your mind work better.

So how do you get ready before an event? Do you wait till you leave or are your clothes laid out the night before? Even more important what do you like to eat before an event!

Ok now I have to email my Professor why I am not in my Comunications class. I guess this is public speaking in a way. More on this in the future I guess.


  1. Since I don't play tournaments, and just with friends, my 40k routine is this:

    Few days before, go over lists, see what I feel like playing and make sure I have something appropriate for the people who I'll be playing against.

    Free night before, make sure my figs are actually in their travel case. Make sure the codex is in there too with my army list(s) printed.

    Free night before or while en route - cash and beer stop.

    The cash is of course for a sub or pizza for lunch / dinner.

  2. Well, if you wanna see how I prepare theres a tournie this Saturday (not at Veterans) I am going to...wanna go? 1250 normal FoC.