Feast of Blades '13

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It is on, One last chance at the NEGCC Team vs a well respected GT Player....

When all hope had faded, doom was upon us, and it looked like I was gonna run a tournament a glimmer of hope rose up, my borrowed marines looked up from thier wounds and damaged vehicles and picked up thier bolters for this chance at glory....

I have one last chance at making The Ocean State Dice Devils TempleCon New England Gaming Clubs Cup Team (long enough of a name? lol). I have to face the most dreaded of my clubs rivals, a name that puts fear in the hearts of small children everywhere....chaos gods cower in fear.....his name?......Simon...... and his Witchhunters...

In all seriousness though Simon is one of the most successful upstart players of our club with only starting a year ago he is ranked 108th on RankingsHQ in the USA. He made the tournament of champions at BFS with only being just knocked out by Stelek. He also played MVBrandt in the final round of the first day who went on to win the entire tournament (as you can read in MVBrandts post on BOLS "Game 4").He also beat Captain America himself of the USA ETC team in the TempleCon 1750 point tournament last year and came in the top 4. He also was one of the mentioned successful WH's players at the Nova Open this year. And for all those interested he will be at Mechanicon the following weekend........He is an extremely acomplished and well respected opponent, not that he is one but a true rookie of the year for the USA and I mean that in the good way of being the best player to join up in the past year and most accomplished possibly.... he is also an extremely nice and fair guy and one of the best guys in the club. I've played him in a tournament before.....he beat me down in a 3rd edition mission even though he took heavy losses by my Khorne army. He runs the Witchhunters transport spam army as seen here in the tournament video....div>

,,.a shout out to him and his army, both a good looking army and a very honest, nice guy...something you do not see in every tournament these days =)
So it will come down to a playoff between me and him, ill be running the same Razorback Space Marine army I took to the qualifier (look for lsit on blog as well on my youtube channel).

So it comes down to this.......more on this later...... (*grim determination*)

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