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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Breaking Down the Dark Eldar Flyers: Voidraven vs.Razorwing

Probably the two least talked about Heavy choices in the Dark Eldar Book are the Razorwing Jetfighter and the Voidraven Bomber. Now when comparing the two they both cost 145 points base, they also both have the Aeriel Assault special rule allowing them to move at cruising speed and fire all of thier weapons. This as well as supersonic which allows the flyers to move at 36" flat out speed. They both also both have deep strike and night vision. Beyond these characteristics the two fighters are on two different tiers.

The Razorwing fighter comes in at AV 10 all around. Even with night shields and a flickerfield this leaves this fighter fairly flimsy. It has two twin linked splinter rifles which probably will not be used much. The two dark lances mounted on it make it somewhat decent of a quick tank hunter you fly around the edges. Its main weapons are its 4 monosythe (S6 AP5) missiles. The monosythe missiles can be replaced by the excellent anti-infantry necrotoxin missile which is a large blast 2+ to wound (AP5) pinning missile that cannot effect tanks. Also shatterfield missiles which are a S7 AP- missile that can reroll wounds. Both are very excellent. Stick with shatterfields for a decent anti-tank missile since its S7 and mabye a necrotoxin or two to deal with the odd infantry unit With a bit of upgrades replacing its standard weapons with a disintigrator cannon as well as a splinter cannon this flyer can become a decent anti-horde flyer but lacks greatly in the anti-tank.

The Razorwing really pales in comparison to the voidraven. Being AV11/11/10 makes it that much better (but not all that much). What really makes this the premier flyer in the book is the two Void lances ( S9 AP2 lance) which is basically a lascannon that has lance. Any weapon that damages a Land Raider on a 3+. TO top it off is the Void mine (EDIT: done in the movement phase so not a shooting attack, therefore yu can move flat out at 36" and still use it) which you can drop on anything you fly over and it only scatters 1D6 (so yes you can move flat out and drop it). It has the same profile of a void lance. You can fly on to the board and drop a S9 AP2 lance on top of a land raider.
This is a very good ability. Also it has acsess to any of the Razorwings missiles as well as can pay 30 points for an implosion missile. Only a small blast but it makes any model under it take a strength test. So anything with one wound can basically kiss themselves goodbye. Any packed up elite infantry can just disapear. It is also AP2 but invuln. and cover saves can be used. It is still a very effective and pretty cheezy missile. IT doesnt effect vehicles for anyone thinking about shooting one at a dread. All of the missiles above have 48" range FYI.

So even decked out with missiles your gonna rock out an around 200 point flyer filled with death. A very effective heavy choice and a lot more effective than the Razorwing. The description tends to point towards a good Vyper being modified with wings and missiles as a good conversion. So anyone gonna build one and rock it. Can I hear the dull roar of a Dark Eldar air force army? More on this later........(stay tuned for part 2 on the DE tournament lists!)
Comments Awnsers:
And in the Void mine description it states that the attack is done in the movement phase and not a shooting attack at all. This is very clear and consise. Therefore you can use it when you move flat out. You can also shoot another vehicle if you move at cruising speed that you didnt drop the mine on. It also does say that it counts as using a weapon. FAQ please Gdubs......I will make one after the FAQ but until then ravagers all the way


  1. You can't move flat out and drop the bomb as it says it counts as a shooting attack.

    Also I didn't think reroll to wound let you reroll armour penetration, does it say that somewhere?

  2. Scratch that first part it just dawned on my I am confusing moving flat out with turbo boosting.

    My brain hasn't woken up yet.

  3. Hmm, dunno, normally if you move over cruising ie flat out, you cannot shoot anything (unless you are special and have a super awsome better than anything EVAR spack mareehn skimmer)

    I'm wondering if the intention of the rule is that you can indeed drop the bomb when you move (even flat out) but they are clarifying that it will still suffer from shaken results ..... Needs FaQ , would be a bit cack if it only worked moving cruising or less, It's a shame that despite its amazing description in the book the void bomb is not a bit more , y know ....scary.

    Whatever you do Don't compare the flyers to the stormraven, you will want to slit your wrists.

    And , LOL, no you cannot re roll armour pene , Im not aware of anything that gets that due to the ap - they are a bit poop for actually shooting tanks , but are the best missile for shooting most things, due to the re-roll to wound,

  4. I think you are wrong on the void mine it states "Note that this counts as using a weapon" and you can't use a weapon if you move flat out.

    The re-roll to would affecting pen I have never heard of, doom gives you a re-roll to wound but it doesn't give you a re-roll to penetrate.

  5. Dropping a Void Mine explicitly counts as using a weapon, as per the book.

    Monoscythe is perfectly fine, it wounds on a 2+ like most of the others. Shatterfield can be useful but is generally exactly the same weapon, since you're not going to be hitting tanks a lot.

    S9 lance is pretty good- it's the only S9 gun they get- but the thing to remember with both airplanes is that a Ravager is cheaper and has 50% more guns. If you're taking them, you should be taking them as platforms that bring both AT and anti-infantry weapons.

  6. Kinda have to agree that if you move over 12, you cannot use the bomb. That last line that says "note that this counts as using a weapon". If it counts as using a weapon, then a weapon may not be used when going over 12". At least until an faq says otherwise.