Feast of Blades '13

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dark Eldar Tactics: Circling the Prey

A month into the new Dark Eldar new tactics, as well as updates of old ones, are formed into a way we can discuss them. When browsing the codex the common theme for vehicles is always upgrade them with a Flickerfield and night shields for 20 points on average in the 'dex. For one who wouldn't want a 5+ invulnerable save whenever they get shot? Would we not pay for a 4+ smoke save for a single turn, so I argue against those dismissing the flickerfield. Now night shields are still being discussed less yet I think this is a major tactical asset available to us. We can play with the night shield to give our units an advantage....so heres the tactic....

You keep a couple Gun Boats, aka Ravagers (On this blog they will be called gun boats since that is what they are), back at maximum Dark Lance Range (36"). Since marine players will most likely be fielding more Ass. Cannon/Heavy Bolter RB's these days this will force them out of range while you are still in range, to get back into range this forces them to move closer to your army. This is where a little synergy comes into play. By forcing your opponent to move closer to your army and break up his/her formation by bringing up his shorter range heavy weapons you force them closer to your good assault troops, also you take possible heavy weapons being shot out of range or unable to shoot do to moving.

This tactic will work best against Marine builds and some Guard armies, BA should counter this the best although....

If you keep wyches in a raider nearby hidden but close enough to assault an enemy unit that gets sucked into these pockets then you can jump them with your units. By hanging outside of these and rapid fire ranges we only encourage our opponents to move close. this also works with venoms/warrior raiders hanging around the 19"-24" range around enemy rapid fire units. They wouldnt be able to shoot you but you can shoot them. This is also where the typical Eldar race trickery will anger some of your opponents the most. By jumping in and out of range and hiding about occaisonally pouncing on some unit left by itself ishow the Dark Eldar will be used most effectively, very indirect and passive aggressive but very annoying. This will of course require a good knowledge of range of weapons as well as a good sense of how far to move your models away.

A Dark Eldar army will win in the movement phase because of thier speed....thier greatest asset....more on this later...


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  2. agree , mobility is key , raiders are very powerful yet fragile in that they allow incredible mobility , extreme long range assaults. the six inch issue i think you are taking out of context , you hve to plan your movement further ahead , but even fully meched up your entire army can move and shoot even the passangers .....

    Flicker fields are amazing, they have done nothing but wind my opponents up, the outrage at av 10 open topped vehicles shrugging off lascannons and MC attacks in CC causes is just delicious :oP

    Splinter racks rock, really , night fields seem to only be of passing use on ravagers.

    Its a great army I like it more with each passing week, just need GW to release MoAr damn models.

  3. I like how you mention armies moving closer to get into firing range. I agree with your night shield opinion. I have been having great success putting them on all my vehicles. It really does force armies out of position and actually puts them into optimal position for you to lance the living daylights out of them. This is also very helpful for those pesky troops thinking they can rapid fire or melta the transports. They get so close you are assured you will get into assault range.

    I also like putting tormentor grenade launchers on the raiders. it really helps tip the balance on leadership rolls. I have walked off so many units now thanks to that 5 point upgrade its kinda funny.