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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some Quotes to Fire the Blood on the Dark Eldar Competitive Presence at Adepticon

These are from TastyTastes excellent coverage on Blood of Kittens network of the Adepticon 40k Championships...The following comments were made about how DE did not make the top 4 tables yet Nids and Orks did..... here are the quotes....

from SinSynn ....

"... Totally unsuprised about the poor showing for the Dark Eldar….as much as people seem to like that Codex, the whole army is made of paper, and I just don’t see the ‘competitive’ in it"

from Sorrowshard

" Shame, would have hoped to see some kinda DE presence in top comp by now, I can get them to win but the lack of hammer coupled with copious glass would indicate they made a not so great army which the following book just laughed allover in every possible way….it is suprising to see nids and orks up there, well done chaps! "

comment responding to Sorrowshard from SinnSynn...

"Like a lot of other people, I think the DE codex IS fun, and well-written….
Unfortunately, it’s an army of strength 3, toughness 3 dudes, without the Imperial Guard benefit of Armor or Large Template weapons, outside of the two flyers- which are laughable when compared to Vendettas, Valkyries and Stormravens, price-wise, armor-wise and weapons-wise.
And as amusing as ‘Power from Pain’ is, those tokens don’t really help units that have 2 survivors left….

I’m a big fan of ‘underdog’ armies, and I’ll ALWAYS be a Xenos player, so I almost started a DE force to go with my Tau and ‘Nids.
After spending some time with the Codex and Army Builder, I decided against it. Nothing I could make from that Codex would stand up against Netlists from any 5th edition book, including my ‘Nids.
I have yet to lose with my ‘Nids against a DE force, regardless of the poison weapons…the army is just made of paper, and running away and shooting doesn’t win games…"

I hope to prove these two players wrong but respect thier current oppinions, they need a reason to think otherwise....more on this in a week at the colonial...back to painting (que musix)


  1. The real problem IMHO, is not that the codex or army is bad, its that the top players all use the same three codices for fear of (oh no, hear it comes) losing a game. Lets face it, the top three codices with their top builds are point and click armies (not that they cannot be otherwise). So most brave souls who use the Dark Eldar are already, more likely than not, of a diffrent mindset than the WAAC crowd. People also gave up on Orks and Nids as competitive a few years back, but behold! Good showings with both those armies, at Adepticon no less. Dark Eldar will never get the respect that the big three currently get, but it is not an uncompetitve army, waiting on seeing the army breakdowns as to how many Dark Eldar players showed up.

  2. Having been there and seen the top 4 armies I think its a matter of inexperience. Space wolves, guard, orks and Tyranids made up the top 4.

    Dark Eldar are very competitive as long as you know what you are doing. Also killing power is not a meg huge factor in a multi tiered mission. you just have to play to your strengths, which in this case is mobility

  3. Looking at the army percentages on BoLS, dark eldar made up just under 4% of the armies at Adepticon, I think the nay sayers are jumping on this a bit early. The fact at such a low percentage is reason enough why none of those players made it to the top 16