Feast of Blades '13

Friday, April 1, 2011

Space Marine Biker Death Star List

Ok time for a silly list. If for some reason I randomly win an army in the next year I'd like to redo my marine army (mostly so I can play it as Dark Grey Blood Templar Wolves of Ultramar)....most likely would either go with some new army paint scheme....I highly doubt I'll ever make this but hey, its fun to think of....its a fun list and a death star command bike squad has always been something I've wanted to do.

Total- 2000


1. Pedro Kantor- 175
2. Captain, Storm shield, relic blade, melta bombs, bike -180
- Command Squad company champion, company standard, bikes. x2 TH, x1 melta, x3 storm shields, x3 melta bombs (not on one thunder hammer)-365


1.Dreadnought x2 TL Auto cannons- 125
2.Sternguard Veterans x8, x2 plasma guns, x5 combi-plasma - 245
- Rhino, extra armor- 50
3.Sternguard Veterans x7, x2 melta guns, x4 combi-melta- 200
- Rhino, extra armor- 50


1.Tactical Squad, melta gun- 95
-Razorback, lasplas- 75
2.Tactical Squad, melta gun- 95
-Razorback, lasplas- 75

Heavy Support

1. Devastator Squad, 4 missile launchers -150
2. Predator, lascannon sponsons- 120

With four scoring units and a solid scary T5 3+/4+FNP bike squad full of storm shields and thunder hammers....its not used much do to it costing 550 points but it is viable.....lots of plasma for fun and a melta squad for something different....Pedro rides with one of these guys.....I wanted more devastators but ran out of points....an autolas pred for more fire power.....Rifleman dread for kicks.....not too many models but a good ammount of fire power...would make a good small elite Crimson fists army (kind of fluffy?)

It would be fun to play.. which is its point...more on something later (probably not this, if it is that bike squad will be maddddd cooollll)

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  1. Just a small rules point - You can't take a meltagun on a 5-man tac squad.

    However, if you drop a plasma gun in the first Sternguard squad, you'd have enough to give both of your tac sergeants Combi-meltas.

    If you drop both Sternguard squads to 5 men (Plasma + 4 Combi-Plas, Melta + 4 Combi-melta), you can give them both Razorbacks, and that saves you just enough points to add five bolters to the Dev squad.