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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Battle For Salvation RTT 5/21

Well I payed and am set up to play the day after I move back to Jersey in White Plains....Dark Eldar 2000 point revamp? Well I am taking my revised DE list and beefing it up for 2000 points. And Jawaballs you may have escaped me first round of the Colonial im calling you out on this tournament, considered the gauntlet thrown down, you win and I'll buy you a beer the next GT I see you at. Should be interesting Details are 2000 points, Nova Open missions, $20 admission, at the Salvation Army in White Plains.....So not that far of a drive and my bro lives nearby so this could workout well. They are giving out a Brothers Grimm GT ticket...which even though I kind of have mixed feelings about the Brothers Grimm Ill take it if I win it which would be nice since I was originally planning on attending... vague

So Dark Eldar at 2000 points? This I have mixed feelings about..... Now dont get me wrong Dark Eldar are better the higher up in points you get yet I do not have the models I would want at this level.....for one I lack a voidraven, which is agreed by the majority of tournament DE players who have been playing this dex since it came out that I talk to a necessary tool at the higher points levels, and do not even have a 3rd heavy choice available to me. The best I can do is boost up my weak warrior squads since I sliced them up to make room for a duel dark lance equipped trueborn unit.....

The competition isnt slim at BFS. They aregueably have a bastion of well known GT players as well as the blogging elite on the east coast. Players like Jawaballs, Fritz, Black Matt, Danny Internets, BC James as well as many other lesser known competitive players flat around the ranks of thier club. My chances of taking the event? slim at best.....I have been out of practice since the Colonial and if my luck streak for 2011 continues I might as well throw in the towel....(my dice have been warned they will all be sent to the microwave if they prove bad in anymore games)

This tournament starts out my 2011 summer tournament circuit which will probably include quite a few roadtrips into New York and the Media, PA bunker.

I also plan on attending either the Battle for Salvation itself or the war store weekend. Both would be awsome but the cost and the proximity to each other knocks that out. Especially with Mechanicon being on my watch list as well and a return trip to the colonial to play in the fantasy GT with my new Vampire counts hoarde.....well more on all this later....

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