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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Competitive Grey Knights:What I See works

Ok GK have been out for a little while now and they are proving to be a lot better than I originally believed. Goatboay with a Crowe/Psyfleman Dread list came in 2nd in the Alamo GT. So they have proven thier mettle (BTW a Dark Eldar player, the infamous DashofPepper of dakka dakka infamy, won that tournament...proving DE are viable tournament contenders if played correctly)...The internet is split on the core of the competitive GK army...which is a crowe based rhino list or a general psyback spam list......Psyfleman dreads continue to prove thier dominance as always an excellent choice for HS....now as I usually am I believe a compromise will win the day and throw out the best possible list...now I am not saying a Crowe based Psyback army yet a mix of full rhino squads and a decent ammount of Psyback support. I see the problems in the psyback list as a lack of viable assault prowess....5 man strike squads are pretty squishy when faced with a decent assault unit...so on to the list...

First of all we need a good HQ choice...Grand Masters themselves are good but too pricy for our needs...so we shall go to the swiss army knife of the book by using a Librarian....This Libby will be by himself to be a mostly Psyker/psychic defense option by throwing up stealth/cover as well as some nice other psycker abilities....

Next we need the meat....how about four strike squads wuth a psycannon and MChammer each in a psyback.....a relativley good cheap unit in a codex full of expensive options....

3 Psyfleman dreads....no questions asked....

Now for elites I am at a stand off....I want some Purifiers for thier assault ability as full squads in rhinos yet I need something to kill land Raiders....venerable dreads with multi-meltas are a nice addition to a mid-range shooty army and will take a lot of shots away from the Psyfleman dreads...so two of the dreads and one of the purifier squads...lets look at this puppy....

2000 Point GK List

1.Librarian- sanctuary, shrouding, summoning, quicksilver, daemonhammer -175

1. Venerable Dreadnought - 175
2. Venerable dreadnought- 175
3. Purifiers x10, x2 psycannons, psybolt ammo, x5 halberds, x1 hammers, rhino- 330

1. Strike squad x5, psycannon, MC Hammer, razorback, psybolt ammo -185
2. Strike squad x5, psycannon, MC Hammer, razorback, psybolt ammo -185
3. Strike squad x5, psycannon, MC Hammer, razorback, psybolt ammo -185
4. Strike squad x5, psycannon, MC Hammer, razorback, psybolt ammo -185

Heavy support
1. Dreadnought, x2 autocannons, psybolt ammo- 135
2. Dreadnought, x2 autocannons, psybolt ammo- 135
3. Dreadnought, x2 autocannons, psybolt ammo- 135

2000 points on the dot...I think it will work fine too.....someone try this out, out of respect for my buddy I will not be playing GK.....well atleast not for awhile if i do.....more on this later

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  1. Just a question, you do know that the librarian only comes with terminator armor...so what's he doing all alone? I like the libby alot....but a daemon hammer seems over the top, when he can have might and hammerhand. Other than that seems competitive and horribly boring....lol....i'll keep my fun lists and continue losing a few games...i want some more bat reps too Kevin. Oh, good luck saturday and you still owe me for those reavers you slacker ;p