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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The NFL and Warmachine!?!?!?

Sorry about the lack of posting (for anyone that cares, I personally wouldn't care for my writing myself). I was browsing on yahoo a little while ago and came across this article about The Vikings punter.

A funny little read really. But on closer inspection look at the twitter picture for Chris Kluwe, the Minnesotta Vikings punter.....

GASP! Is that a Privateer Press miniture?!?!?!

here is his twitter feed..

On closer inspection a post he put up 6 hours ago states he plays warmachine at tower Games (Twin Cities gamers please tell me where this is? Assuming he lives where he plays which is common)

Well after a recent discussion that no one famous is into our little hobby corner in which I stated no one does.....I must retract that statement...we have an NFL punter....wooooo...for what thats worth...we can all think we are a little bit cooler in the publics eye now that we have someone famous on our team...mabye now we can bring this up the next time our team plays the vikings and come out of the closet to our buddies we wargame...personally if I see the man I'm gonna have him autograph my army transport...since his name is ChrisWarcraft I must assume he plays warcraft.....but who cares about that anyway?

...more on this later....I want a game with this guy and my Menoth!


  1. Cool man, looks like he is a decent painter as well!

    Love to hear that, I'm a big fan of the NFL myself.

  2. There are alot of celebrities from peter cushing to robin williams that have wargamed. even napoleon was said to war game. Here's a link on just that question that provides some good insight on celebrity gamers

  3. I used to work with an ex NHL goalie who was a killer sniper in Call of Duty.

  4. Tower Games is in Uptown in Minneapolis, 48th and Nicollet. I used to go there quite a bit when I lived there but never got into the Warmachine scene... now I'm regretting it!