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Monday, March 26, 2012

New Paint Range Thoughts: Top 5 I'd want to Try out

Hey all Kevin here to talk about painting. Now the one tedious part of the hobby that I find a love/hate relationship for myself is painting. I love having my own painted models that look awesome. Although I always get frustrated with in 5 minutes and throw down the brush......which tends to lead to me having a week to paint half my army...giving it a rushed look. This actually led to my paint style having what I call my Van Ghogh highlighting/shading style in which I use a 3+ broad/uneven layers of highlights to give a cool blending look to the army from table view...but if you get close it usually is not that impressive. Now I will admit I do not have the patience for it so I do not call myself a good painter....I am fairly average but people still tell me they like the look of my painting. I also always try to build my skill by adding a new technique or method for every new army I get.

So in this article I am going to talk a little bit about some of the new 145 paint range that personally makes me excited to actually start a new army and get painting..... as a caviat I didn't get to try any of these yet its just what I am excited to get to stir some conversation on the possibilities...

1.  Mourn Mountain Snow (Textured)
Now GW finally (apperently) given us a viable way to do snow basing without the snow looking like tooth paste! This is the type of texture I wanted for my Storm Wardens basing originally but lacked a good way to do it. Personally this is what I would want to use, over some rough city bases to give a winter siege look that I have been dieing to use....only problems I see is it might not be thick enough to get a good look over other basing and you probably will kill more than one bottle on an army....probably more.

2. Death World Forest (Base)

Now as some may know my first army was a Catachan Jungle Fighter force that I painted so bad I owe them a redo.....luckily the paint I used comes off with hot water (Go figure).....Now a decent base green with a nice dull color is something I needed with green and now I have it.....also with some of the new green shades...or the glaze I can do a cool new catachan force....

3. Skink Blue (Dry)
Ok so I really wish I had this prior to my Storm Wardens or my Dark eldar since this basically would have cut two steps and a lot of time for both armies. If what I hear is correct this one color will make a medium to brighter blue color one of the easiest paint jobs to do (more so than it already is!)....regardless I lvoe painting blue and the look of blue models....So I expect to use this atleast once in an army in my life.

4. Guilliman Blue (Glaze)
A seemingly lighter version of Asurman Blue wash I persoanlly would have prefered this for my Storm Wardens....Also with the glazes apperently being an almost highlight wash this probably will be another staple for medium to light blue painting.

5.Agrax Earthshade (Wash New Devlin Mud)

Ok so why am I excited about the new Devlin mud? Well its more of anxiety since Devlin mud was a core component that I am currently running out of for my vampire counts army as well as my skin tones....Apperently there is an improvement to the polling of this which is an issue since I like heavy washes yet those heavy washes can pool awkwardly and leave patchy spots....mostly since I do them that heavy but apperently this will fix it...

Honorable mentions
1.Athonian Camoshade (Green Shade).....umm hello Catachan army redo? Yes please!
2. Casandora Yellow (Yellow wash)...anything to help painters do yellow...aka the hardest color to paint
3.Lamenters Yellow (Yellow glaze) ...see above ^
4.Herox Palesun (Yellow dry brush)....with the above two we finally have a comprehensive yellow layering system....yes!

Notice how none of the paint I mentioned was a layer paint? Mostly this is due to most of the layered painted being redos from the last range....Also none of the new exciting things are layer paints..
more on this later....time to set up an order

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