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Monday, April 9, 2012

6th Edition 40k Starter Set Contents: Possible Setting Found?

Ok witha lot of speculation on the contents of the new 6th edition 40k starter set that will arrive sometime between late may and august. With a lot of talk on the internet pointing to the two armies being Chaos Space marines and Dark Angels lets speculate what the contents will be.

First Let us start on the premise of this box set, aka the battle... Since we have to presume that they are using the Dark Angels, who are suppose to be only mortal enemies with their traitor components in secret we have very little to go by, since we are presuming this is Chaos Legions not renegade marines this is not a fit....and really wouldnt make sense for a starter kit..... After some fluff snooping I can only find two instances where two original traitor Legions fought against the Dark Angels. The first was a minor scrap between the Night Lords and the Dark Angels yet unless 6th edition focus' a lot more on Warhammer 30K we probably will not see this.....yet there was one instance that makes extreme sense....The Seige of Vraks in which the more current timeline of events Dark Angels attacked a world besieged by Chaos which was really a trap set by the Alpha LEgion for the Dark Angels.

This actually makes perfect sense. For one the Alpha Legion is probably one of the most popular legions that has not gotten any love in awhile and it is an original Chaos Legion that is prsumed to get some new legion specific units....so my prediction is that the new box will be The Siege of Vraks.

So what would come with this box? Well lets start with Chaos. Last edition we saw each army getting 4 units. OF which one was an HQ, one was a troop choice, one was a vehicle (or vehicle-esque) and one other special unit (FA or Elite). So we have to assume in the box the buyer will get a full 10 man chaos space marine squad with new skulpts (My prediction is Alpha legion-esque). Since the actual fluff on the battle had a chaos terminator lord in charge, and it would make sense, I would have to bet on a terminator chaos lord as our Chaos HQ but I would not rule out a sorcerer. From here we have a lot of flexibility. With many rumors of a new chaos dread it is possible this is our vehicle(/esque) unit equivilent but do you really belive GW would put out the full new model in the starter kit as well as a normal kit? It makes no sense....so I would not assume we will get a dread. Yet it is still a tossup since if it is not a dread it is probably a rhino. From here we have some flexibility for our last special unit. If it is Alpha legion, with legion specific units in the new codex including cultists for the Alpha Legion, I would not put it out of the realm of possibility for a squad of chaos cultists (Alpha Legion fanboys would go bananas over this if thats true with actual skulpts for traitor guard) Still I would not put it out of the realm of possibility to see either Chaos terminators or possessed....even the new raptor skulpts but I would believe this more if it was Night Lords and not Alpha Legion....still rumors are rumors and if anything they all point to raptors.

So on to Dark Angels.....the more obvious of the two. If it is not a captain we are definatly getting an actual Interrogator-Chaplain as our HQ...it is more unique for it to be the Interrogator-Chaplain to make this a more unique DA force instead of dark green space marines. From here we almost assuredly gonna get a squad of deathwing terminators (also points to a non-inclusion of Chaos terminators)...I would also bet on a squad of 3 ravenwing bikers....it is possible we would get one or the other ...leaving room for either chaos termies or bikers....yet since it is DA I would expect both. If we do get the bikes (vehicle equivelent for them) we would round out the army with a squad of 10 dark angels...probably with cool robes.

Now the Chaos side is fairly up for debate but I believe we will see a chais terminator lord with 10 chaos marines with either a dread and raptors or rhino and cultists.....still all speculation but could it be the Seige of Vraks..it even sounds like the name for a 40k starter box for a new edition!...it does make all the pieces fit yet only time will tell. The Siege of Vraks 40k 6th edition starter set including Alpha Legion and Dark Angels? More on this later...

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