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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Further evidence to support my 6th Edition Box Theory

Bols gave us the good news first, necrons pictures of the extremely cool new models and then the bad news of the price of said models. Also we got an aperent rumor at the contents of said boxed set. Which is copied from bols...

Dark Angels:Terminator Captain
5 Deathwing
Tactical Squad
Ravenwing bikes (3 likely)

Chaos Marine squad

Now for those of you that read my blog regularly last week I threw up a post, which has gotten an abnormally large ammount of hits, last week where I speculated on what the box, since Dark Angels vs. Chaos Legions is extremely specific, would contain and my theory stating that the box would be based on the Seige of Vrax....and here we have mroe evidence to support my claim....

Now I will note drone on on how the above Dark Angels side of the box is extremely obvious and that a deaf and blind monkey could have guessed what is stated above for them yet the chaos side of things is the wild card.....we now have a little more evidence to my claim.

The Alpha legion is renowned for its use of cultists and now we have rumors pointing out cultists possibley in the box? Now I will not rewrite that entire article but my whole theory is based on the fact that the Dark Angels only once...in actual fluff had an engagement with a traitor legion and that was the seige of Vrax in which the Alpha Legion faced off against the Dark Angels....The Alpha legion would also use all of the above units...based off of fluff and unlike other legions use cultist and traitor guardsmen......so is it possible I guessed right? Yet that does seem a lot of units for a starter box.....

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  1. Unfortunatly BoLs again took info from other sites and posted it without giving credit to the site they " borrowed" it from. Fail again BoLs.