Feast of Blades '13

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bring forth the nerfing of GK: AP values of close combat weapons/Terminators will be king

If you have been around awhile remember back in 4th when everyone had mechdar since they were the best army? Or a little earlier with 3.5 Chaos? Remember how they translated to 5th edition? Kind of crap right?

Well when editions change old armies tend to not work as well. They were far to refined to play in a specific parameter of rules so when things change they aren't as efficient....and well they tend to suck. We know get word of ap values for CCW's which is in itself a good thing. Yet with Power weapons being now only AP3 who does this hurt the most?

Well non-terminator GK armies in a big way which tended to rely on purifiers and death cult assasins to be way too over the top in assault. Yet now being AP3 they will suck against terminators as they will get thier saves. Do I dare say this actually makes lightning claw terminators far superior to Thunder hammer/storm shields. With chainfists and powerfists being AP1 and AP2 as well as being the only viable CCW to kill 2+ save models Terminators with power weapons will be the cats tuxedo....so I would state that GK terminator builds become very powerful while normal marine codices will need to stick to lightning claws more often.

Honestly should we complain that GK get less powerful? I am starting to get happy about purchasing 30 assault terminators, against my better judgement not to buy anything in 2012 till 6th drops.

With other rules to assault pointing to assaults off the deepstrike, and consolidating into assault will terminator armies return as kings? Things are starting to point more and more to that direction....Yet it is possible 3 months from now we laugh at all these silly rumor notions, and those that complained about the rumors will stop whining....yet will everyone ever stop complaining about any change? I am excited for 6th.....

Remember my bet, Friday the 13th of July 6th will drop


  1. hmm, no one uses powerweaps to deal with termies anyway and GK will be broken even with army wide ap3 in cc, it makes jack diddly difference really IMO, it does nerf Incubi vs termies but they sucked vs assault terminators anyway (which everyone has)

    there aint a whole lot the ycan do to tone down GK with core rules tbh anything that does will nerf everything else too, so not really a nerf ....

    GOnna wait til I have the rulebook in my hands and have played some games to make any solid comment either way.

  2. Well really death cult assasins can rick roll termies and have been used in such ways to go after terminators.

  3. never seen the prob with DCA's shoot down their transport then evaporate them, it nerfs alot of things and I think its a bad move if it's true, currenty shooting termies is the best way to kill em, though apparently you might get your invuln AND armour save now ..... jeez , welcome to terminator edition.

  4. Would not e surprised that is exactly how fantasy works, but if thats the case then I wouldnt be surprised if they brought over the fantasy version of armor penetration which really devalues armor saves