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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Evolution of our Game, Warhammer 40k

Hey all, Kevin here and this is an old librarian model I got in the mail today from England and I immediatly painted it to what is probably one of my best paint jobs....Doesn't look like a librarian you say? Well thats because it is a 2nd edition librarian and is probably the best space marine sculpt from that era with a normal space marine helmet and a force axe...it is my personal favorite librarian model that I have wanted for about 10 years now and probably one of my best paint jobs for my army, even with a banner I hand painted as well from some old greeting card..... So why get one now with the rumored changes to psychic powers?

Well my friends many people are scared about random psychic powers....yet I am doubling down on psychers...I do this because I know magic in fantasy can be gamed so I would be surprised if psychic powers are not similar in 6th edition. This will probably be my last article telling the web to chill out and give 6th edition a few months....Besides remember how everyone was saying the rumored additions of running and TLOS would break and ruin the game when 5th edition was about to come out? Yeah that seems kind of silly now doesn't it?

People are scared of the edition change, and I do not blame them. I remember when 3rd edition became 4th edition. I was with my cousin who got me into 40k at the time. He just kept blasting on 4th and how it ruined the game and such. For the first year or two it was out we just played with the 3rd edition rules. After we started to get over the change and we got newer army books for my Guard and my brothers space marines....as well as tau we started to change over to 4th edition but introduced a house rule to eliminate target priority from the game (we hated that rule so much as it made no sense to us)...Then we kind of just left the game because we faded away from 4th....I faded in and out from the hobby but I never played any games for years until about 6 months into 5th edition. 5th edition was the best and most expansive edition in the game...but like Stargate-SG1 we know when we have to kill the series. The game will  change and as a 40k player for going on a decade and a half I will go with it. Yet I see my friends around the web threatening to riot and boycott...write their own rules system.... or even leave 40k in its entirety...I do not agree with them yet I do understand them...Heck I felt the same things around 4th edition but I kind of regret those feelings...3rd edition ruled but it was due time for it to change....I do understand, since we adopted something similar in 4th, if people make house rules to allow themselves to choose their own psychic powers for fun games or even not count the AP value for weapons....

Why is everyone freaking out? IT basically is whoever compared the changes to 8th edition fantasy that got that ball rolling. For some reason 40k players do not like fantasy generally and hate the fact that they heard 8th edition fantasy made the game less competitive.....because we internet types like competitive play.

But lets face it boys, and girls, GW is not in this to make our perfect competitive game or even cares less what the internet community thinks as a whole. In general this online community we made represents mostly less than a 1/3 of their player base....there are, and always be, more home grown fluff/casual players that have never heard of BoLS or even knows about the competitive tournament scene. GW will always make the game for the casual middle points player and playtests for that reason....in general they dislike the competitve player trying to break the game. They will always make the game, and codices, for the guy who trys to make the most epic army possible and not the guy trying to have the best spamalicious efficient tournament list making his own version of the rules for the tournament hes playing in himself and breaks the rules for his stuff...especially when I pay a lot of money to go play...GW, as a third party, should always have full control over their game and be the final word....and really if you do not know these facts, or even disagree with them than frankly thats an ignorant thought as there will always be an extrremely larger fan base with the uncompetitive player....their target demographic. The game is made for the epic, not the efficient

Should games workshop come out with another tournament set of rules? Or even exceptions? It is possible but I doubt it will ever happen...Should we just make our own version of rules? Heck no, I've always been a guy of let the designers craft their own game and I am kind of freaked out by the possiblility of some fat, smelly 30 year old guy in their parents basement in Illinois with cheetos stained hands and a rulebook with 100 sticky notes finding ways to break the rules and a hardrive full of competitive lists....frankly I do not like 3rd party rulesets but I always think house rules to help your local play are great...just don't get too pushy or you can scare away out-of-towners....

So fear not my brothers (and few sisters) in arms, for we should accept the new rules, learn ways to play them competitively, and have fun in the process....

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