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Thursday, July 26, 2012

1500 Point Tournament this Weekend at The Portal in Bethlehem, PA: My list and thoughts

Hey all, so the first 6th edition tournament I will be attending, and first tournament in quite awhile, is this Saturday at the Portal Comics and Gaming in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I'll plug the store first since it is a fairly nice store and I have not been able to attend a tournament there in a few years. It is also the site of my first tournament win so it will be nice to get back in there again....best part is that it is free to attend. It is about an hour north of Philly and an hour and a half west of NYC....so if you are in the are you should come and attend. Here is their facebook page


Anyway so it is a 3 round tournament at 1500 points and I haven't attended a tournament there in two years so I have no idea what competition or lists I will face. Hopefully some of the players from the local club I play in down here will be attending besides myself as I know Marcus cannot. So I will be bringing my Codex: Space Marines with some Dark Angel allies. It is simile to a list I posted that I wanted to play a couple weeks ago....

Main Detachment- Codex: Space Marines                                                                         total- 1180
1.       Pedro Kantor                                                                                                      -175
1.       Sternguard x7, power fist, x2 plasma guns                                            – 255
-          drop pod
2.       Sternguard x7, power fist x2 plasma guns                                              – 255
-          rhino
1.       Tactical Marines x5 chainsword/bolt pistol                                            - 165
-          Razorback, TL Lascannon
2.       Tactical Marines x5, chainsword/bolt pistol                                             -130
-          Razorback
Fast Attack
1.       Attack bike, MM                                                                                                   -50
2.       Attack bike, MM                                                                                                   -50
Heavy Support:
1.       Thunderfire Cannon                                                                                              - 100
Allies-Codex Dark Angels                                                                                                 total- 320
1.       Ezekiel                                                                                                                        -170
1.       X5 Tactical Marines, meltagun, bolt pistol/ chainsword                          -150
-HB Razorback
Now Ezekiel and the Dark Angels allies, as well as the rest of the list, I am dead set on. I have played it and it works at 1500 points. I really am strained between using an Epistolary Librarian instead of Pedro although...I do like all of the scoring units, stubborn, and +1 attack aura he gives me but Telepathy/divination shenanigans are extremely useful....yet I will stick with this list above for right now....I might get a practice game in with a club member tomorrow....so tournament redux to come....more on this later....


  1. Bethlehem, eh? Whereabouts are you? I'm about an hour south of Bethlehem now (it's been a decade but I keep forgetting I moved 30 minutes south of where I grew up).

  2. just over the river in NJ but i basicaly grew up in bethlehem

  3. Good luck with that tournament.Let us know how you get on.

  4. Not bad overall, but personally I would lose one unit of sterngaurd and their transport for a squad of termies with cyclone launcher. Termies are almost too good to not take. But this is a minor thing and just my 2 cents. Good luck at the tournie bud :)