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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nurgle Rodeo? Death Guard list for 6th Edition

Hey all, exploring some ideas for Chaos since the book got pushed off.............(ugh)

Well at the least the old book got a lot better in many ways, and one of the more popular combos is a Deathguard/epidemis list.....so lets explore another avenue we can take with them....So I decided to take a similar approach to a Blood Rodeo list....well sort of...Here is the list

1. Lord on bike, Mark of Nurgle, daemon weapon, melta bombs

1. x7 Plague marines, x2 plasma guns
2. x7 Plague marines, x2 plasma guns

Fast Attack
1. x8 bikers, Mark of nurgle, x2 melta guns
2. x8 raptors, champ, powerfist, x2 plasma guns
3. x8 raptors, champ, powerfist, x2 plasma guns

Allies- Daemons

1. Epidemis

1. x9 nurgling bases
2. x9 nurgling bases

Ok so the basic idea of this list is the 8 nurgle bikers and lord on bike running a giant screen in front of the rest of the army following close behind are the raptors.  Behind this mass of T5/6 bodies we have our plague marines. We also drop the nugling bases, who have 3 wounds and eternal warrior w/ a 5+ invulnerable save, as our preferred wave and use them to bog down enemy units while the bikers and raptors pick the enemy to pieces.....its a decent list since if it has a decent turn one it becomes a pain to kill and it has a decent 4 scoring units at an 1850 level with 5 points to spend....a real pain for most lists to kill.....more on this later

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  1. With the nw book not far off...i wouldn't make any new chaos lists until then. However, this list doesn't seem to really benefit they much from epidemious. Epidimeous cannot join and csm unit outer the daemon faq, and hiding him with nurglings will be difficult. Not to mention theres very little actual killy nurgle units in this list to get the tally anywhere useful. TBH, epidimeous is almost useless in this list, better off either dropping raptors for more units with mark of nurgle or dropping the daemons entirely

    1. Wow, auto spell on my phone sux...if you need me to translate some of that just ask...lol

  2. Allying with special characters seems the very definition of lame.

  3. why is it lame? I think its quite cool