Feast of Blades '13

Monday, July 23, 2012

Look Out Sir! Shenanigans: Why is there any trouble?

OK guys there now exists a new edition with new rules and new questions. One that seems to be an issue, when it seems clear enough to me is the "Look Out Sir!" rule....which is a carry over from fantasy and frankly I do not understand why people are trying to pull this shenanigan or why they even think it works.

So the rule clearly states when you "allocate a wound" to a character he can take a look out sir. Some players are still trying to state that you roll for the save and when you fail it then you take a look at sire but there are a myriad of issues with this argument.

1. If I ask you when do you allocate a wound when would you say that you would do that? That alone answers the question. You allocate the wound, then take the save not backwards. Hell page 15 states that you allocate wounds then take saves so there is no way to interpret that you would take a save then look out sir it. That's just plain silly.

2. Precedence- This is a direct transfer from fantasy, these guys are pros at LOS, ask them when they take it...although this is not a solid enough of a reason it is a direct rule transfer.

3. It Makes no sense! Why would a model take a wound and then a guy be all like, "oh your wounded sir, quickly take the bullet out and put it inside me, gahhh! I'm dead"........ -_-

4. GW would never rule that you would take the save then roll for LOS...and you know it

5. How can you use a special rule in order to prove that you would take the save, then roll for LOS? That is a very specialized type of roll....it is like trying to argue that if you "know no fear" that would make you "fearless" always.....

Seriously guys? this is one of the most clearly stated rules people have tried to shenaniganize since 5th edition FNP.....more on this later....


  1. Yeah time traveling secret service seem pretty fishy to me.

    If the math is the same whether it is before or after then I don't care but I don't know about that, I haven't looked into it.

    If it makes the game faster and the math is pretty close than that is fine.

    I've heard the LoS! after the save only works if they have the same armor save. Coincidence... or exploit? Hrmmm.

    1. the math is close, the main difference is it can impact the choices made as to where the wounds go. Being able to know the total number of wounds before FnP is big for planning.

  2. the rulebook is clear. If the target unit has all the same armor save then roll the armor saves at once then handle the LOS rolls one at a time. (I haven't found text supporting bulk rolling of the LOS dice)

    I haven't found a clear way to abuse this yet.

  3. True the LoS! dice roll happens during wound allocation. Per the rules wound allocation happens at diffrent times depending if the unit has mixed armour our not. If the unit had mixed armour, then it is as you say LoS! before armour saves. However if it has all the same armour then saves are taken before wound allocation. So LoS! would occur after the saving throw but before FnP.

  4. The rules states that you allocate a wound (or an unsaved wound)... Wouldn't that lead you to believe you had failed a save before making the Los! roll?