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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Important stuff from the Chaos leak

Hey all,  huge White Dwarf Chaos leak, virtually every upgrade and USR was listed. So here are the important things.

USR for hatred against all space marines...yay Champions of chaos must issue challenges
So we need a D6 for the tens and a D6 for the ones and if you roll a 6,5 or a 6,6 you become a Daemon prince......most excellent if it happens for your character. Other awesomeness includes EW or FNP, etc....

So They did what I thought they would do which is limit Icon and mark mixing. So my T5 FNP 2 wound chosen scoring termies are not to be...sigh...FNP can only be taken with Mark of slaanesh and I would want axes so MOS would be pointless.....minor pre-codex nerfing. I expected  the limitations to all of the good combos. Still worth it? Maybe but we need better AP2 weapons for termies now than axes...so nothing

So Prefered Enemy against SM  is on their warlord chart...and its a good chart. Besides the PE:SM we have melee weapons as soulblaze,  D3 units can inflitrate, warlord and unit hatred everything(yay), causes fear (meh), and reroll boons (sometimes yay?). Still better than the book charts for the most part.

Nurgle Daemon princes have shrouded....interesting if they are flying and hiding behind terrain they get great saves.

Big thing here, They replaced Obliterators plasmacannons with assault cannons (extreme lame!). I was hoping for plasma cannons on those suckers in this edition since it is sso useful, hope that is just a typo.

Tzeentch powers got a bit better, bolt is now a beam that explodes 2d6. They also got a power similar to breath. overall a good set of powers.

Nurgle can make all opponents weapons get hot, actually quite a few things in this codex do which is important in a dakka dakka edition. Also a debuffing power which is useful and better than the biomancy debuffs except a d3 random debuff.  The 5/6 power is a poisoned 4+ ap2 blast marker....thats pretty useful.

Slaanesh gives buffs and debuffs, can cause all enemy models in a unit to hit themselves. Yet we all knew lash would be gone but these are good powers

So all of the three lore sets are good which is nice. No real clear winner. I am leaning towards slaanesh or nugle for the buffing or debuffing. Kind of hard to decide

Some unit, hopefully chosen as it would make sense, have AP3 ammunition.

Overall some nice things and a bit of clarity to what this codex looks like.

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