Feast of Blades '13

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My 40k, the new Chaos and Dark Angels

Hey all, Kevin here to go over some speculation and thoughts on the next few releases and my armies. Most of my thoughts have been on chaos these past few months yet for the first time I currently sit on a fully painted army a month prior to a GT date. Normally I plan and build an army in preparation to a GT yet this time around I have two armies in the works but both are released after the BFS.

So first up are the chaos. Today the pictures dropped of the new units. I am intrigued by the forge fiend but other than the dragon am not very interested in the new stuff. I am intrigued by the rumor that you cam take chosen as troops, with abaddon, with terminator armor and they can have two wounds with marks and icons to make them T5 with FNP. This is very reminiscent of draigowing. I like the idea of taking these guys with a few blobs of 30 cultures and self healing vindicators. All these models I already have but abbadon and this will be an in between project for me until DA hit. Yet still I like this idea and am pursuing it currently.

Now ever since DA were suppose to be masters of plasma and the new codex would show this heavily in an edition where plasma would be king certain new upgrades or units seemed likely that are now being proven with constant rumors like the art descriptions we have today . I expected plasma cannon wielding deathwing, plasma cannon attack bikes or speeders. These are all starting to flesh out even with the awesome additions of the rumored plasma destroyer predator and rumored techmarines with huge guns. I am liking my guardians of the covenant more and more ad each rumor comes. With things like skyfire whirlwinds and librarians with divination access, scoring terminators, etc we have what looks like a powerful codex forming. I am personally looking at a hybrid list with Ezekiel and belial(if needed) or a libie. Thee units of deathwing as troos a couple plasma equipped FA ravening squads with plasma cannon attack bikes. Maybe a unit of sternguard or their veteran equivalent in a pod or a tactical squad. Rounding this out with a pair of plasma destroyer predators and a skyfire whirlwind. I have all the infantry sitting on my desk waiting for each codex release. Until then I have a GT with my marines/space wolves, a chaos codex, and then hopefully a soon dark angel release....more on this later...

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