Feast of Blades '13

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Battle For Salvation Booked and Ready

Hey all, So in just over a week I will be heading a bit closer to home to hit up a mall that I have been in and out of quite a bit for my 2nd, yet different, GT there in a years time. I will be at The Battle For Salvation (BFS) this following weekend.

Now I had planned on going to the BFS for a few years now but am just getting around to it now. It is at the Palisades Mall in West Nyack, NY a place nearby such places as USMA at West Point,  as well as New York City. I would occasionally go to this mall from time to time for food and it is huge. I also went to the Conflict GT this past December there where I brought my Storm Wardens. With Chaos being released the day of the GT I am going to attend with the Storm Wardens again with my 6th Edition version of them using Codex: Space Marines with my Guardians of the Covenant coming in as Space Wolf Allies (Yeah... I know neckbeards... but they are painted different and are WYSIWIG as Wolves also). So far in practice games I have swept the competition and have hopes for a decent bracket and a decent placing day two but I have no delusions of grandeur. In GT's overall I have an atrocious record with very few wins....its a curse I tell you.

Anyway this time around I am not changing my list at the last second and I have had some practice using it in the Nova format. It is a very balanced list with a ton of tough models, high amounts of fire power yet almost no duplications in the list. Now I will not give away the entirety of the list till the day of but it is based around my beloved Biker command squad which I have found is extremely effective in 6th edition, a couple cheap razorbacks yet with no real relience on them. multi melta attack bikes, thunderfire cannons, pod born sternguard .....also a  biker rune priest for support, divination and actual psychic defense, some grey hunters...oh and a lone wolf and storm talon for giggles....

Overall the number one comment I get is it has a lot more firepower than it first seems and it can punch certain lists in the face. Overall my greatest weakness is flyer spam (which hopefully after the nova and the BFS using the nova style discouraging it) and excells against infantry based lists....I bring lots of plasma and ignore a lot of cover so death stars beware.

(btw on a side note harlie star is getting beaten down with noise marines ignoring cover)

My main goal is to at least go 2-1 day one and get in the silver or bronze bracket and win that bracket. I do not think that is very likely yet its a hope. I hope to see everyone there and am excited for the event.

I believe a few slots are still open. check out battleforsalvation.com Its run by a great club and I have played at their events before.....hope to see you there!


  1. Good luck Kevin. Are you going to take some pictures, and maybe do a bat-rep or two? There are going to be a lot of fun opponents at the BFS, I wish I could go.

  2. Yes bob just look for the guy in the black hat with the symbol on the side of the page on it

    And I will do a general video, probably a segmentum obscurus for the 11th company hopefully with Neil on the event after day 1 and I will do a tournament rundown with pics here on the blog so stay tuned