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Monday, October 1, 2012

The Best in 40k Online

Hey all, Now I'm very into supporting our excellent community as well as our FLGS's so I thought I would list out my favorite contributors to our community in everything from online retailer to YouTube contents, blogs and forums. So let's start with the blogs!

Best Rumors an News Site

This blog easily rose to the top with almost consistently daily rumor updates. It's the first blog I check daily. It is becoming such a successful rumors site that some of our old favorite rumor sites feel threatened enough to try and debase Faeits with entire fact checking article series....an easy pick and good job Naftka!

Best Written Battle Reports
Imperius Dominatus

Mercer and gang put an excellent product of a format out with tactical thoughts, pictures and key moves. By far the easiest games to follow in written form. A good show from across the pond!

Best in Hobby Blogging
Dave Taylor Miniatures

Easily a hotly contested category with great work being done by Chris Dubuque AKA Jawaballs and Thomas Reidy AKA Goatboy with the latter making my excellent banner art. But Dave is way up there as an artist to strive to be like. A hotly contested category check them all out!

Most Consistent Posting

Fritz is an excellent guy and I swear at one point this guy wasnt just posting weekly or daily but tri-daily. A great one man think tank with both YouTube and blogging. A true tabletop General and I am looking forward to seeing him at the BFS GT this weekend again!

Best forum
Dakka Dakka

An excellent forum that I should go on more often. Bolted and Chainsword came close too.

Best YouTube Content
Blue Table Painting

Not even a great site like MWG can touch the quality and quantity of video content like Shawn and the BTP crew. there success is easily due to their YouTube content and western charm. Full game BatReps on including every dice roll. Great for hobby inspiration and I applaud their success.

Best Online Retailer
The Warstore

Neil and gang are an excellent business to work with. With great discounts and stock they seem to show up to every major event I attend with a top notch inventory and the same great prices. I hope to attend their Warstore Weekend Event sometime soon as it is local for me.

Best Podcast
The 11th Company
Tangtwo.com /11thcompany

I know it might be a biased decision since I have guest hosted quite a bit frequently and have my own segment on their show but for a lot longer than that the 11th company has put out a consistently excellent product.

So that's my best of list but let me say there are dozens of others that deserve recognition too. Go check excellent sites like belloflostsouls.net for blog rolls with excellent content. So check them all out and more on this later...


  1. Concur across the board, especially Dave Taylor, the 11th company, and faeits212. I need to check out BTP and the war store I guess!

  2. BTP's channel is quite addictive