Feast of Blades '13

Friday, November 30, 2012

Communitty feedback: What do you want heard on the SO segment of the 11th company?

Hey all, So since I should be recording a double episode this week I expect to need some ideas for SO

I got a good response from Dan O about doing an episode talking about tournament fatigue. Literally its a segment about anything obscure from tournaments. So any ideas would be appreciated it is effectively your chance to suggest something that might be talked about on a podcast (yay?)

So any thoughts?


  1. How about a more in depth discussion on why Pat hates SO's Kevin so much!!!

  2. How about, joking aside, a second look at vehicle squadrons, like 3 vendettas in a group as a way to maybe make them last longer. Immobilized no longer means auto destroyed, they just split off now. the closest model just like an infantry squad, keeps eating the hits till it dies before moving on to the next... maybe not even keep it to fliers.