Feast of Blades '13

Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hey all, last year I wasn't around but Im back for one last (Possible) year of TempleCon before I move out west, and I am excited about what is becoming the Premier and largest 40k Event left in New England as well as Steampunk Convention and the Mecca of WarmaHordes Players.

For those wondering. Friday at high noon is the Battle Against Hunger Doubles Event! In the infamous charity tournament that has gotten many copy cats taking the format up across the country. Being lead by Clubmates Terra and Frank, as well as the true Wheel chair General Dean. I, should*, be playing in this event trying out that cheesy Salvo Land Raider concept with Necron allies with my faithful  40k compatriot Marcus.

Next on Saturday comes the Main event, The Onslought GT run by Keith and his Dark Star gang. Should be fun. I personally have Ordo Bob and his Evil Cheesy Daemons list as favorites for best overall for this event. After this at Night is the Reincarnation of my Meat Grinder Mega battle being held out on what is probably the most elaborate terrain set up in the region. Come check it out and hey at midnight its my birthday haha. If you are attending come its free and you can join or leave anytime!

All in all it will be a fun event. If you are around come look for my ugly mug and say hi or better yet lets go get a beer and play some games!

More breakdowns and GT updates to come! As well as a probable recording at the Con for Seg-OB on the 11th Company.

Its never too late as you should be able to get a ticket at the door to hang out with some Steampunk babes and roll some dice. My event has almost every slot still open haha (infinite slots)