Feast of Blades '13

Friday, September 13, 2013

Vanilla Skies 2.0: New SM Codex Flyer Army

Ok so since the Skies Booklet release I have always wanted to run a Vanilla Skies list made up of 3 storm ravens and 3 storm talons. I feel this book makes this list more viable. Is it my tournament army out of the gun? No but I feel it eould be competitive. So here is my version of the list....

Vanilla Skies 2000
HQ – Iron Hands
1.       Master of the Forge, auspex – 95
1.       X10 Tacticals, MM, GG – 165
2.       X5 Tacticals, Meltagun  - 80
3.       X5 Tacticals, meltagun – 80
4.       X5 Scouts, cloaks, x5 sniper rifles -70
5.       X5 Scouts, cloaks, x5 sniper rifles -70
6.       X5 Scouts, cloaks, x5 sniper rifles -70
Fast Attack
1.       Storm Talon, SH -125
2.       Storm Talon, SH -125
3.       Storm Talon, SH -125
1.       Sternguard x10, x2 Meltaguns, x4 Combi Meltas – 325
-Drop Pod
Heavy Support
1.       Storm Raven, MM -200
2.       Storm Raven, MM -200
3.       Storm Raven, MM -200

1.       ADL, Comms relay

So first of all we go with Iron Hands for obvious reasons. It will not die on Storm Ravens/Talons is crucial if we want to run this type of list. Also the MOTF heals hull points as well as damage on a 3+ in Iron Hands with the Servo. I would want more techmarines but points dont allow it. Keeping the flyers alive is very important to this list. ADL to help get everything on turn 2 and scouts to be our units that have to start on the table and hid eon objectives. 

This list is simple. Turn one the Sternguard pod come in and combat squad out and target any enemy interceptor units, then skyfire, then scoring as well as try to get FB. They are sacraficial in the run of the game but are crucial to the success of the list as getting rid of AA needs to happen for this list to function. This unit works well since it will always come in turn one before the airplanes. I would want to fit in more but points restrict it. Also I normally would say in the new book Legion do this job better but this needs to happen turn 1, hence the podguard. Turn 2 hopefully sees all, if not most, of the interceptor stuff dead so the Storm Ravens/talons target the enemy in the same order. Then the Ravens fly around the table and drop units off turn 5 on objectives.

Its a simple list concept and if I had 3 Ravens I would run it. It does have some serious counters and would have issues with a decked out AA Tau list especially yet I could see a list like this working at least in my local meta. I wouldnt be surprised if lists like this become more popular. It isnt the best the book has to offer but I would still feel competitive running this style of list....more on this later...


  1. In my first game, I found three fliers to be more than enough. And leaves openings in your army for landraiders, bikes etc....

  2. ahh yes land raiders, the cornerstone of competitive lists for space marines in this book Terra :P

  3. Wow, moving has made you sarcastic. Landraider crusaders with it shall not die, assault centurians coming out of it can devestate most units, I've tried it....its awsome. Don't see what's wrong with them as most of the meta now has moved away from meltas.

  4. and to Gravy guns who kill a Raider in two 6's lol. I am always sarcastic =P

    yeah Iron hands mech does show promies

  5. Land Raiders have 4 Hull Points, so it would take 3 6s on Grav to take it out. Raiders are pretty sturdy seeing how most Tau will not want to use their Nova Charged Ion Accelerator in it and HRR are only Str 8 now. So you would need on average about 30 Grav shots at a Land Raider to kill it.

  6. Yup, we tried the dice roles , it took usually 15 shots for three hull points, then the centurians are dead from the centurian cargo in the landraider, and the tech marine stays inside and it will not die rule fix it in two turns....lol