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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cohorts II Mini-Con, Bethlehem, PA Friday Sept 2nd-Sunday Sept 4th

Ok folks, If you happen to be a fan of Flames of War or Historicals in general there is a nice little convention called Cohorts II, ran by the local gamestore/the head of my Penn. Gaming club. With a 40k Apoc game and a lot of other fun this event attracts over 100 people every year which is a lot for a Flames of War centered event. So it is a must for anyone into FOW within a couple hours drive. Even better the mini-con is only $5 to enter. Below is the event listing for the weekend...

Cohorts II Preliminary Event Listing

At Dragon Head Dis. 1205 Broadway, Bethlehem Pa
$5 for the whole weekend. Raffles and Fun to be had!!!

Friday September 2nd

Set-up and Opening gaming from 12 noon to 8pm, possibly later depending on when Steve wants to go home.

Saturday September 3rd

9am till end Flames of War Late War Western Front Tournament
Organizer Mike Proctor

10am -> 2pm Battlefleet Gothic Imperial vs. Tyranids
GM: Dan Whitaker

10am -> 1pm A Changing of the Guard
GM: Paul Wilson
Rules: Check Your 6! Jet Age
Date: August 9th, 1952Description: Commander Peter 'Hoagy' Carmichael led a mixed flight of Hawker Sea Furies of 802 squadron and Fairey Fireflies of 825 squadron NAS. The flight was returning to HMS Ocean from a train busting mission when it was jumped by North Korean MiG 15s. Carmichael’s No. 2 Carl Haines spotted the approaching aircraft. While the flight leader could not initially locate the aircraft his No. 4 “Smoo” Elis did and called "break" allowing the Navy pilots to turn around and get into a fair defensive position. The Sea Fury FB.11 arguably represented the best, and last, piston powered air superiority design. The MiG 15 was the first of a second generation of jet fighters. Can the skill of the FAA pilots overcome the technological advantage enjoyed by the KPAF fighters? You will decide. In Check Your Six: Jet Age it’s the man not the machine that matters.

1pm -> 5pm Boots and Saddles in Bastogne
GM: Michael Bowker
Rules: Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black Home Rules
54mm World War II Battle of the Bulge game,
As Patton advanced to Bastogne, the 6th Cavalry Group moved ahead and to the flanks of the 4th Armored to scout out German positions and to protect the flanks. Often these light, mobile troopers would run into heavy opposition that they were forced to fight. This is one such fight. Can the jeeps and light troopers defeat the Germans in the icy Ardennes? You Decide!!

1pm -> 4pm Off to the Races
GM: Kelly Kreible
Rules: Home Brew
Who didn’t want to be Ben Hur growing up? Racing chariots, getting women, being forced to row a boat… Forget that last part and go for the glory!!

1pm -> 4pm Battle for Midway (or Matapan)
GM: Mike Fatovic
Rules: Axis and Allies War at Sea
It’s a naval battle, we all know they’re neat to play out, so play the game, sink some ships, bring fame to your boat and watch out for dive-bombers.
Possible replay from 4:30 -> 7:30 as well.

3pm -> Close Wings of War Aces Tournament
Organizer: Dan Whitaker
Rules: Wings of War

Sunday September 4th

9am -> 4pm Casey’s Redoubt
GMs: Tom Zimmerman and Bob Mills
Rules: Regimental Fire and Fury
In May of 1862, General George McClellan's Army of the Potomac was advancing up the peninsula toward Richmond. The Confederates retreated before larger numbers. Two federal corps became isolated from the rest of the army due to a sudden rainstorm flooding rivers. General Joseph Johnston ordered a rebel attack, which struck the forward Federal division under General Silas Casey. Casey improved his position in one of the few large clearings in the area with an abatis, rifle pits and a redoubt, but manned by largely inexperienced troops. Historically, both sides claimed victory in the battle marked by heavy casualties. Can you decisively halt the rebel attack or lead it on to glory, beginning the destruction of the Federal army?

10am -> ??? Super Mega Apocalypse Game!!!!
GM: Dan Whitaker
Rules: Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse
Come join the carnage in the 41st millennia, wipe out the alien threat, kill da ‘oomies, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!! Fight for the survival of your race, and most of all have fun!!

??? -> ??? Firestorm Armada Demo Game
GMs: Herb and Friend
Rules: Firestorm Armada
If regular naval games weren’t enough, and you didn’t get your fill on Saturday, then a naval game in space is just what the doctor ordered!!

??? -> ??? Nazi Zombies in Fallujah
GM: Matt Fridirici
Rules: Ambush Alley/Z Mix
If insurgents weren’t bad enough, and zombies are worse, then Nazi Zombies in the midst of all of it makes for one heck of a mess. Special forces on a mission.

Also possible throughout weekend:
Board Games
Warmachine Demos
More Board games
With other scenario games possible as well.

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