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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Something Culinary Related

For those of you who do not know I am in the culinary field...We as gamers love food...It also happens to be what makes me money...so I thought I'd post something about food. My cousins wife once asked me how to make one of my favorite foods...risotto....here is what I sent her...

ok a basic risotto is a mushroom risotto but NO worries! If you do not like mushrooms just take out the mushrooms and you have a plain jane risotto...a mushroom one is just such a basic risotto in itselft that it could be served by itself...but as well as a good side dish with a nice beef related entree since the mushrooms pair well with beef...anyway (this is off my head btw)you need....half a stick of butter A cup of aborio rice 3 cups of chicken stock or broth (low sodium! regular is too freakin salty when reduced like this!)5 or 6 food service mushrooms (white mushrooms) ir as you would see baby bella (really have another name, i got yelled at in class by calling them baby bella lol)3 cloves of garlic a shallot half a cup of white wine (pinot grigio is nice, personally im starting to lean toward chardonnay...any works)S & P! (salt and pepper, any other seasonig you lvoe really...i personally love paprika)1 qrtr cup of heavy creamhalf a cup of parmesean gratedrisotto is roughly translated as cheesey creamy rice....aborio exactly....so basic one just has butter...stock...aborio...cream and parmesean....but minus the mushrooms for the above is lovely....ok so dice your shallots finely and slice your mushrooms about a qrtr inch thick with stems removed since they are stringy with half of your butter cook them in a saute pan on medium heat...dfont brown or burn them just soften....add garlic minced and 30 seconds (never! have garlic in a pan like this for more than 30 seconds or it burns) and add your wine...in a seperate pan toast the aborio rice with the rest of your butter...this is important as it melds the butter flavors into the rice and gives it a nice crunch for the later process...also make sure the butter is unsalted (get rid of your salted butter! salt is added not already suppose to be in your ingredients!)...when the wine is reduced halway add your rice into your wine, shallots and garlic mixture.....make sure your stock or broth is in another pot and simmering...hot broth or stock is important....add about a qrtr cup at a time and constantly stir your rice at medium low heat so it is simmering just barely...add more stock or bfroth when it is absorbed....constantly stirring is important as the stacrch develpoment is important....continue this process until the rice is fully cooked with a little give....dont overcook rice...then add your cream and cheese.....serve within the minute as risotto doesnt hold at all no matter what.....personally shrimp or other proteans can go good with risooto...im eating risooto with paprika added and chorizo for a spanish flair....hope to see you soon...btw nutrition class food tasted the best of all the food i made...if you want something really healthy and delicious....enjoy...

So the next time you play 40k at your house with a buddy...hand them a bowl of this....then as they are distracted by good food win your game! ...probably nothing more on this later lol.... bon apetite! (BTW the picture is a show plate of a culinary practical back in culinary school of mine...I wish there was a 40k related food picture but aperently no one eats in the 41st millenium!

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