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Monday, May 7, 2012

Editorial: 6th Edition Changes- What the Internet Thinks

Hey all Kevin here to talk more on the 6th edition rumors and changes that may, or may not, come to the game. The Game is gonna change and we know it. Rumors sound more and more like the 8th edition fantasy ones everyday and people are getting so much aggro/angst flowing in the comment sections of the reporting blogs round the world.

But blogosphere, why do you hate the change so much?

I have been doing some research through 5th edition on the expansion of the 40k consumer base. There is a reason why GW even admits 40k is overtaking Fantasy as their main line....and they hate that too....So this is basically the conversation going down online right now....

"So our boys Jervis, Matty W, Phil and Scooby Doo sit down and decide...you know how we can change that? We can force you to play Fantasy even if you are trying to play 40k! AHA! design team wins!"

And from what we can tell, thats pretty much what is happeneing...but is it bad?

Now I would say no, but really lets look at the facts. 5th edition was definatly the most popular edition of 40k....right behind it would be 3rd and Rogue Trader. It also saw the largest expansion of players since the game was founded. This was from the large ammount of players during the "Dawn of War Boom" that came from the computer game and happened to stumble upon actual 40k. We also saw other expansions like this from DOW2 and Space MArine although not as large.

So I am starting to think a lot of this hate of change stems from "First Edition Played Nostalgia" or the fact that it is the only edition many players have played. I remember I had this when 4th came around and I quit the game when it changed for awhile. this is understandable but fear not as 40k has seen some of these rules in the past...although many would say they were on a "Worst of" List....

Also 40k tends to be bad during even editions.....2nd...4th....

Anyway it is also understandable that veteran players may not like changing the game too much, from fluff to rules....also I have not met anyone that has said 2nd was their favorite book....and these rumors point to a lot of old rules from then. Also 40k players tend to frown upon fantasy...which I still do not get since fantasy is actually a lot of fun....so copying rules from that system is not liked....

But I say fear not internet! Changes to some core mechanics t=in the game might be scary, and there will be growing pains but I say give it a shot. Heck we all have thousands into this game already so we need to atleast try...or you can go to  your wife/girlfriend/signifigant other and explain why the 5th $2000 army you just bought is going into storage.

So sends some feedback, do you hate it or love it? I find that 2/3's disapprove of rumors while a 1/3 approve of them.....so whats on your mind?

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  1. I would prefer that the rules be changed significantly, actually - it would kinda hit the reset button on this tired and exploited edition, and help undo the damage that the pervasive influence of over-competitive internet commentary has done. Until it happens again in a year or so, at least haha.