Feast of Blades '13

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

40k Editorial: The Impact of 3 points over (Rant alert)

Oh the drama we must make as a bunch of Nerdy Guys playing with Plastic Toy Soldiers. (That picture is very appropriate, if you dont know what it is why are you playing a tabletop wargame?)

Ugh I didnt want to include drama on this blog, but for this weeks editorial on the community I guess I better comment on it... It is really belated although

Is 3 points over all that much? (This is about the Nova Open drama if you haven't noticed)

In a way yes it is. I dont know how many times I needed to cut out 7 or 8 points and had to drop that 20 point powerfist because I had no room anywhere else. That powerfist could have killed the model I needed to win the game.

So honestly yes 3 points can be a lot. But you are all fools!

Yes I called you all fools. Tell me you havent written an incorrect list at some point or another and let it be truthful, because I know you have...

Hell I do it all the time, thats why almost every other game I audit my list, going through it and I almost always find that I did'nt factor a pice of wargear in, or out, when I added or took something out of my list.

And even Army Builder isn't perfect. I've seen errors in thier lists sometimes. (although not as often)

Does this mean we crucify someone who won a GT with an incorrect list. I doubt he was laughing maniacly over his geniusly evil 3 point over list before the event. Or after it was approved. I saw the final table online live as well as the awards. He didnt jump up and down laughing about how he cheated to victory and beat them all.

He was 16 for damn sake! Get a grip...

yes it probably pissed off some fat guy in his basement somewhere who lost a GT.

So who do we crucify? Mike Brandt for a small error?

He really ran an awsome event from what I heard/saw. I am also sure next year each list will get more scrutenized.

Do we shun the "3 Point over Guy" or more preferably "That Guy" (as he will now no doubt be called one of "those guys") just because he is that guy?

Do we ban him from our GT's?

Do our clubs hold small soda sanctions on him in our FLGS?

Do we start podcasts on how we should revoke his Vegas trip?

Don't tell me that you would've won the Nova Open and can not win one of the other scores of GT's with Vegas Tickets to be given out. Get a grip buddy....

Prove this was done maliciously and then lets talk but until then people remember... We are all playing with toy soldiers here. What is this High School drama all over again?

And The guy who won? He is welcome in my clubs store anyday and in our tournies all the time. We can have a good time gaming and not go nutz on him.

ugh hopefully no more on this later, get a grip people. Now lets get back to some real 40k related stuff. I also got to pack for College tommorrow and play 2 games AND make BatReps so Idk if ill get to post the reports tonight but I will by friday atleast.


  1. Heh. What the hell can you buy for three points anyway? I've had lists where I was accidentally over a whole vehicle. Did it make a difference in the game? Sometimes, usually not. If the armies are close, it usually comes down to who plays better. I imagine these armies were pretty close, and he played a tough game.

  2. @CounterFett 3 BA searchlights? lol yeah but it was wolves. All of his opponents and every person I've heard of who spoke out on the issue who attended the event sayed he deserved to win it with how he played.

  3. All I have to say is watch AB lists carefully, they often allow combos that are not possible in the actual codex. Always use the codex for lists and AB to make it look neat. I scrutinize AB lists more so because this has been a flaw for years.
    Other than that, 3 points over ain't alot, but if I won and was over points, I would indeed give up the trophy/prize etc....After all it would be my mistake and one should accept responsibility for ones mistakes. In local events thats a margine of error I would not bother to even correct. But some of these large events were people are flying to get there and spending $100's of dollars to be able to attend (travel, lodging, time off from work, food etc....) I can kinda see why they feel upset. However, I think we do need to take his age and the fact that this indeed does not seem like a blatent 'cheat'. It was an honest error, so I don't fault the kid. He had some good compition and still won. 3 points is not a game winner, but where do we draw the line at going over points at tournies? 5, 10, 25 points? Something to think about...

  4. actually, the people he players seemed to have been very cool about the whole thing

  5. I do not think it is about the 3 points. It is more of if you call yourself a competitive event and the winner gets through with an illegal list what problems with all the other lists might have there been.

    The second day event was only 8 players. Could not check the top 8 players lists at the end of the first day to spot this problem and deal with it then.

  6. Good point Terra, here is how people should deal with it. Go to the tournamenmt organizer and the people in the tournament, explain the mistake and leave your fate to them to either take back the prize and award someone else or decide that you deserved it even with the Err. If this system was used the kid would have got the prize so I see no great fault

  7. dood as silly as it is 3 points could give a piece of wargear like a combi-melta that could kill the metaphorical land raider that could have one the game.Im the same age as this kid and I dont make mistakes with my math on my list due to the fact I added up the points 10 times or so just to check.

    Just my 2 cents

  8. But in all likihood, thats not going to happen Andrew. 3 points is a very small amount, and event then, who the heck has just enough points left over, that they can get a combi-weapon and be over by three points?

  9. In what codex is a combi 3 points? In every codex I use its atleast 10 points. Now he couldve lost a combi melta that couldve won him the game. That I get

  10. combi-meltas a 5 points for wolves.if he droped a melta its would put him a 1998.that melta lose very much could lose something the game under certain circumstances.