Feast of Blades '13

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Chaos List Round 2

Why is this list winning? I just won a tournament and 9 games straight with it.

Im at 11-1 with this list....but it is way out of the norm for competitive....

....granted FLGS tournaments aren't known for competition, but I have been tabling people's tournament lists.....

Ok Here is my 1750 Tournament Khorne Berserker List

Daemon Prince-warptime, wings

3 x 8 khorne berserkers- SC with PF and PP, icon

2x Rhinos with Daemonic Poss. and Havoc Launcher

Land raider, Daemonic Poss., Havoc Launcher, Dirge Caster

2x5 Lesser Daemons

Defiler, extra CC arm, Reaper AC

1 squad of 3 Oblits

This list fits 3 List Catagories, Template spam, Khorne Berserker spam and Null Stun-lock. The Prince sits well with this list as well. Oblits and Defiler sit back and shoot up stuff. Rhinos/Raider rush and pop smoke, next turn they unleash the berserker love. Prince counters enemy MC's or rips apart transports. Since I ignore half of all possible damage chart results and have a cover save that first turn It can be very hard totear open those rhinos. Defiler guards an objective/counter charges assaulting enemy units. Daemons come down and support current zerker assaults then sit back and go to ground on objectives. Now I want first turn so the rush is easier, but I have had success with reserving everything and letting it all come on in pieces though this really only works well against Chaos Daemons and other assault armies.

The only game I have lost with this list was because my transports got halted and a C'tan got into my Berserkers. Not much I can do after that. Lucky pen rolls for my opponent killed me, but I do only have 3 transports to shoot at. I actually had the 2nd most mech army at my last tournament. There are a lot of horde armies up here.

All I can say is that those 3 catagories that my list falls into work. This is probably the only way to properly use a World Eaters army in this day of 5th edition. It has good synergy.

Please people give some thoughts on this. I expect to lose my next game, I have been getting way too lucky winning.

More on this later....


  1. Stun-lock sound like one of my ideas....but overall good looking list.I would have ether taken lash on the prince or a tzeentch prince with bolt of change.also why not drop the 2 squads of lessers for 1 greater.But a way to improve it I say take a look at my double land raider concept apply it to chaos I can think of some way to do that.see ya at templecon maybe we can game

  2. there are alot of horde armies up here....but don't get too comfortable with that, you will be seeing alot more Mech on the next tournie, and most at Veterans....still lots of horde too....but less of a percentage than what you would see at NewPort HH....