Feast of Blades '13

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Razorspam from My Point of View

Now since I am sitting on the Metro-North I’d think I would like to talk about ‘Nilla ‘Rine Razorspam. The OSDD 1750 tournament last weekend was run with a variation of Razorspam. The SNEG player that won it had a few vindicators besides your normal Razorspam army. I wrote a Razorspam list I would personally use if I had the range of vehicles at my use.
Space Marines Razor-Spam List Total 1750
1. Librarian , Terminator Armor -125
1. Tactical Squad - 90 - 165
-Razorback, Las/Plas – 75
2. Tactical Squad - 90 - 165
-Razorback, Las Plas - 75
3. Tactical Squad - 90 - 165
-Razorback, Las/Plas - 75
4. Tactical Squad - 90 - 165
-Razorback, TL Assault Can. - 75
1. Dreadnought, x2 TLAC -125
2. Dreadnought, x2 TLAC -125
3. Assault Terminator Squad, x5 SS/TH -200 -475
- Land Raider Crusader, MM, EA -275
Heavy Support
1. Predator, Autocannon, Las sponsons -120
2. Predator, Autocannon, Las sponsons -120

Now I do get why this player won the tournament. I believe his name was Bill from Southern New England Gamers and he is playing in the BFS GT coming up soon. The guy he beat out was Simon from our club who is a very successful gamer for only a year of experience. He was one of the Witchhunters players that did well at the Nova Open as well as placed 3rd in last year’s TempleCon tournament by beating out the USA ETC Captain, Captain America. His Witchhunters army had 13 vehicles made up of mostly Immolators and a few Chimeras filled with maxed out melta guns. Little heavy weapons yet still way too many vehicles for anyone to deal with. I played him round 2 and lost. He was an awesome player to place. The reason Simon lost the tournament was due to some confusion about the mission and he was playing for the bonus not the main objective.
Anyway I am getting off topic…

I get why people take razorspam, all those lascannons are very mean. It has enough firepower to deal an alpha strike to any army and can leave any mech army in pieces. The core to a razorback army is of course its Razorback squads. I personally would leave just 5 normal guys inside. Now I use to be a fan of a mix of TL Lascannons and TL Assault cannons. Yet do to seeing how the army runs I am in agreement with the majority of bloggers out there in that Las/Plas is the way to go. The fact it has 2 weapons instead of one makes the vehicle MUCH better, If it loses a weapon it is not just a can of tuna, it still has a probable TL plasma gun. You can also shoot both of these weapons if you do not move if my thinking is correct. Multiple shots are always better than one.
Next in the list obviously is the Auto/Las preds. Another niche of mine use to be the old Annihilator pattern with two Lascannons and one TL Lascannons. Since 5th edition started though I do see the merits of the Auto/Las Pred. It turns out another high strength shot and since Mech is king the majority of armor I meet will be damageable with the autocannon. With two of these I can take care of any armor I face virtually.
Next in my list is the Rifleman dreads. Now since this list is optimized against mech and not my typical list I am chosing to run the Rifleman dreads. 4 TL autocannon shots give you the ability to crush any light mech or high toughness squads.
This list is rounded out with your typical death star unit of a Terminator Librarian decked out with his attachment of Assault Terminators in a LRC. I am a fan of the LRC and will almost always chose this pattern over others. I also noticed a great lacking of anti infantry firepower besides the dreads. The torrent of fire this tank can put out against infantry should fill the gap nicely. Also the ability to move and still shoot all weapons is better than normal.
Now I may be running a variant of this list at the next OSDD Invitational Tournament Qualifier hosted by Southern New England Gaming in the upcoming month. More on this in the future…


  1. Razorback spam is boss...cant wait to see what happens to the meta when dark eldar come out

  2. The SNEG Player is Bill...Simon won third at Temple Con....A repeat TempleCon winner took first with a Space Wolf three land raider list. Captain America was edged to 4th place by Simon in that match up....just to clarify :)