Feast of Blades '13

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A way to fix killpoints (as well as other good mission ideas)

Ill get to killpoints in a bit but first theres this....

Now reading a YTTH article (yeah I read stelek sometimes) He had the 5x5 Objective Mission being detailed on his blog. Simple 5 static objectives in which you could mix table quarters as well as VP's in as well. Here is the picture from his blog below.

Simple Right? Good idea right? I like this a lot. Im gonna show it to my local tournament organizers and hopefully I'll see it in the TempleCon Tournament.

Anyway to the point of the article, how to fix killpoints....

Now killpoints is my least favorite Game type in 40k but I do not dislike it. I think its a good idea and simple for a new gamer or just a for fun game, which this edition was designed for. The problem that people see in this game type is that a 10 man squad of TH/SS terminators is worth the same as a 5 man unit of scouts.

Ok now I get why this annoys the addicts of Victory Points....but I have a solution that will atleast cut the edge off killpoints like a nicotine patch! (or gum if you prefer)

Here is my idea (idea #1 really)

Every units killpoints value is based on its points cost. Basicly each unit is worth atleast 1 killpoint no matter what but their total killpoints value is based on how many hiundred points a unit costs rounded up to the nearest hundred.

Examples: 40pts= 1 killpoint, 120pts= 1 killpoint, 200pts= 2 killpoints, 500pts= 5 killpoints, 350pts=4 killpoints.

Get it? So basicly that big unit of terminators is worth so much more than those scouts now. IT also means that most armies will be worth the same ammount of killpoints. If your playing 2000 points then most likely your army has 20 killpoints as well as your opponents.

Ok here is my other idea basicly stolen from Battle missions. Each of your opponents units is worth different killpoints. Modified to

HQ’s: Worth 4 Killpoints each
Heavy Supports: Worth 3 killpoints each
Elites/Fast attacks: 2 killpoints each
Troops/Dedicated Transports: 1 Killpoint each

This of course makes your non-troops worth a lot in this set up. A good balance to the troop focused objectives missions. This is my favorite set-up for killpoints. (Also Bjorn is worth a 7 killpoint swing hahahaha)

More on this in the future..... Two Video BatReps coming tommorrow night!

Anyway these are just my ideas. Any thoughts on how you would fix killpoints? Any thoughts on why you love killpoints? Team VP's vs Team KP's Go!


  1. I like a system in which you get the killpoints for your own surviving units. For example, an Imperial Guard with 18 KP fights a Marine unit with 8 KP.

    If the Marine-player kills 8 KP and loses 4 KP, then the outcome would be 14 for the IG (4 kills, 10 survivors) vs. 12 for the Marine (8 kills, 4 survivors) and the IG wins despite having killed less units (but more percentage of the enemy army, i.e. 50% vs. 44.5%).

    I think that's a fairer way to determine the success of an army. ANd people have to kill stuff, no matter what, because for every unit the MArines lose in the example above, they have to kill 2.25 enemy units.

  2. @Tabletop Fix I disagree, then someone could just win by keeping things in reserve and hiding without killing a single unit while you basicly screw over all non 5th overpriced dex's and basicly marine players everywhere

  3. Your first idea is just easier to count victory points except that a 35 point drop pod is still worth the same as a 145 point unit. A better mesh would probably be 50 and round up so 1-50 is 1 point, 51-100 is 2, etc. Still holds the counter balance about to many units compared to the objective missions.

    Second one is just a not a good idea since things can be taken in different slots in many armies. Now my tervigon not only is scoring but worth 1/4 the kill points. Probably not messing well with the assigned points cost.