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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Silly Rules Shenanigans Debate Episode 1: Fantasy swift reform jumping

Ok so at the start of BTP's newest fantasy BatRep an actual tournament met buddy of mine, from last years colonial with his awesome cinnamonids, Ben showed a rules shenanigan to be able to jump his units forward to enter a building in the center of the table. Now I like Ben and he is a good non-waac cat in general so I trust his explanation. He claims that using swift reform, by passing a leadership check, he can reform his unit essentially in a conga line forward before he moves. then since it is a swift reform he can move forward, or sideways I couldn't really tell by the explanation, essentially into the building in the middle of the table. Now this is useful since you cannot march into a building yet you still can move twice your movement and get into the building this way. A commentor pointed out this could be technically legal as long as you do not move more than twice your movement. I can see this since the only rule covering anything like this is that a model cannot reform more than twice its movement. Yet it is a shakey move as it does sort of bend the rules stopping marching units from entering buildings. Also another commentor pointed out that is it not the case that the standard, muscician and champ all need to be in the front rank? Well I can say even if that is the case can they not just do a conga line facing to the side so essentially you just do a sideways move into the building.....My one thing that makes this seem illegal? Can you reform to twice your movement and still move? Is there not a rule that says you cannot move more than twice your movement in the movement phase no matter what? (as magic can move you)

So why is this something to worry about? Well in a tournament if a watchtower scenerio pops up you essentially can jump up to the watchtower turn 1....which is fairly cheesey.

So I am trying to get a forum of debate here from my fantasy readers....Is this legal in general? How can we make it legal? Is this just a little too beardy for your tastes?

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  1. This is far too beardy for my tastes. Is it legal? Yeah, I suppose so...all the rules relating to both movement and garrisoning a building are met.

    If I were the TO, I would not allow it. If my opponent pulled it, I would let him know what I think.

    This is clearly not in the "spirit of the game".

    Here's a link to an ETC thing where they prevent certain "cheeky" moves, though what you describe is not one of them: