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Friday, May 11, 2012

BREAKING!: 6th Edition Clues found in Latest Warhammer World Update!

So from hints pointed my way from a Nottingham friend I dived into Warhammer Worlds Doubles Even packet for their event come june-july (aka June 29th-july 1st)

Some tidbits I noticed...my thoughts in blue and particular details I noticed in Red
So Interesting thoughts all around. This puts 6th back to atleast the 2nd week of july as a minimum. I would assume that summer tournaments are gonna all be 5th edition then. If anything I wouldn't expect WW to have a major event the weekend before the next edition came out.....So actual timeframe? 6th Edition probably comes out 3rd weekend of july-3rd weekend of August......
• Each
.prior to the event and write it on the army list– this is detailed on the cards.Army as a whole must adhere to the StandardForce may not use its allies special rules  ...wargear (locator beacons, marker lights etc).

So an admission that allies are in?...also a hint that if allies is in the book cannot benefit from each others wargear? Not so much as I believe from the next statement that 6th edition would not be out yet
So where does this leave 6th edition? well I would expect WW wouldn't have a major 40k event the week of or before 6th edition.... yet this at the least lays 6th edition to come out July 13th- August  12th.....but it would surprise me if they did not come out with a new edition on friday the 13th.....that is completely a GW thing....Im calling it July 13th
Force Organisation Chart found on page 87 of the
Warhammer 40,00

This is the current rulebooks Force Org. Page

Mission: Pillage from page 10 of the Battle Missions supplement –
Mission 4: Cleanse

Cleanse is the old 3rd (4th I think to?) edition table quarters mission...which could be a hint it is making a return....also inclusion of battle missions as the rumored 6-9 missions in the new B?B

The Secondary Missions:
Upon registration each team will receive a deck of
twelve Secondary Mission cards which they use for each
game and will win them bonus Battle Points should they
accomplish them. At the start of each game, once all
forces have been deployed, but before play starts, each
player selects a mission from three of the mission sections
(Recon, Ordinance, Assault, Vehicles, Stratagem & No
Matter the Odds – these will be clear in the deck) Then
get your opponent to draw you one each from these
three. Once all players have their Secondary Missions
all players may check which mission they have. Players
may reveal the mission at any point during the game, it’s
their choice. Some missions must be completed by an

, others by aForce

It may be possible that secondary missions, heck even on cards, could be included for bonus Victory points with the stanard missions since it is rumored that objective markers and KP's will be worth Victory points (more like battle points)

Alliance Matrix:
Please see page 6 for Alliance Matrix
In the 41st Millennium, alliances are often formed
of necessity and need. Some of these alliances are
exceptional in the extreme, others are more common.
Here you will find a table of all the
the Warhammer 40,000 universe and who they can and
cannot ally with. Armies made up of two ‘Brothers in
below). Armies made up of two ‘Unholy Alliance’
Forces available inForces will receive the Brother in Arms Benefit (seeForces
will receive the Unholy Alliance Penalty (see below).
Armies made up of two ‘Grudging Allies’ will receive
no benefits of penalties and can fight as listed in their
respective Codex.
It is worth noting here that no units from either
can benefit from any special rules applying to their allies
or use any of their wargear or transports, etc.
Brothers in Arms Benefit
– One non-vehicle unit per
below; this rule cannot be taken on a unit that already
has it and must be written on the army list for the unit
can select one universal special rule from the list
prior to the event
• Counter-Attack
• Move Through Cover
• Night Vision / Acute Senses
• Preferred Enemy (must select a codex to be a preferred
next to the relevant unit)
• Skilled Rider
• Stealth
• Stubborn

So a possible look at the new version of allies rules? Interesting abilities to add to allied models as well? Theres a cool chart with 4 catagories.....look at page 6 here


notice anything? Tyranids are not allied with anyone which is up to spec. with current rumors......interesting details....Also its interesting that GK can be alies with almost everybody but none are "brothers in arms" and get no bonus'.....interesting any thoughts?

So where does this put 6th edition? Even though I would not expect WW to come out with a major 40k event the week of or before a new edition....its not their style as well as they would have a launch event planned right after a major event? Anyway the 3rd weekend of july is friday the 13th.....this is completly in GW's psyche to put out a major science fiction based game on friday the 13th...its their style...commence conspiricy theories!



  1. I don't know that this necessarily says that allies are in the new rules...this is a doubles event after all, these rules could just be for that event.

  2. I can confirm GW have released packs like this for several years for their doubles events, and in no way does this relate to a change in rules to introduce allies in 6th. If anything, 6th will incorporate additional rules for 'allied games' as a replacement/spin off of Apocolypse, and the doubles allies matrix may well be a sign of who may ally with who, however I for one am sceptical re the introduction of allies. After all, 5th edition phased allies out of all the codecies which could include them (Deamonhunters, witchhunters ect) so it's unlikely to see a sudden U-turn from them in 6th re allies in standard games.