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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Did Anyone Notice in the Main Rulebook for Dark Angels hidden in plain sight...

Did anyone notice in the rulebook for dark angels that they call the librarian a codicier librarian in their showcase below the picture of the librarian. Curious since in the old rulebook for Dark Angels this name is never mentioned. Could it be the new name for DA libies in their new book? Well to be frank the main rulebook does have a lot of unknown gems in it to be found after a release has come. We all know of all the names of weapons and special rules listed in the Main rulebook which are not in exsistence in the game currently but somehow manage to make it into the profiles and special rules section. Heck if you have not noticed yet the Crimson Slaughter, the renegade chapter from the starter set, are actually pictured and listed in the main rulebook yet I believe they were not in exsistence prior tot he new rules or the starter set. Also if you notice throughout the fluff tiny little things are mentioned that are new or coming in the rules or fluff. Also rumors of models hidden in plain site litter the main rulebook apperently discretely tucked into the background

Now I may be wrong and just missing something obvious but I can say I never heard that name before...yet if anyone has please comment below...

So a Codicier librarian ehh?....nothing more than a new name for a DA version of a librarian, like an interrogator chaplain? Yet this is just more evidence to scan for more secrets hidden in plain sight from GW....more on this later....


  1. Codicier is one of the ranks of Librarians, in 2nd edition the higher the rank, the more powers they had and the more powerful they were, it was Lexicanium, Codicier, Epistolaries and then Chief Librarian, so, its not new information sorry

  2. doesnt make a differnece, it was lacked in the previous edition so bringing it back could be in part of the new codex

  3. A rose by any other name would still.....you get the meaning... Codicer would just be a ML 1 libby. Not sure why changing the name to the fluff/old school name would change how it plays in game. You lost me here Kevin.

  4. lol that isnt the point the point is that current publications that GW has released have tiny easter eggs to future releases. The codicer thing is just one example of something possible while the crimson slaughter was a sign of something actually being in there and turning up in a future release