Feast of Blades '13

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Finding the New Dark Angels Competitive Edge, MY list

Hey all, so the new DA came out and its very different than we thought it would be. It is a very solid codex with a lot of buffs and de-buffs (which I like). I cannot use them at Templecon like I originally planned but I am noticing a similar list concept in Dark Angels to the list concept I am bringing to TempleCon, which is a
duel Land Raider+buffs based list. Here is the DA list I plan on playing around with for now

1. Azreal – 215
2. Librarian, bike, Level 2, power shield generator, auspex – 155
Command Squad, Banner of Devastation, narthecium, -180
Techmarine, power shield generator, auspex – 85
Techmarine, power shield generator, auspex – 85
1. Tactical Squad x10 , plasma gun, ML, Flak – 180
2. Tactical Squad x10 ,  plasma gun, ML, Flak - 180
3. Ravenwing Attack Squad x5 - 134
Heavy Support
1. LRC, mm- 260
2. LRC, mm- 260
1. Primaris Psycher - 70
1. Infantry Platoon x3 squads, x3 flamers -195


It basically is based around a few pieces of wargear. Number one is Azreal giving the blob a 4++ save and a basic immunity to running away. Next we have Power shield generators inside the land raiders giving them a 4++ save as well as a 4++ bubble for 3" to my tact marines surrounding them. I also have the command squad in one of them giving the hurricane bolters Salvo 2/4 (haha it is dirty but legal since hurricane bolters are defined as 3 TL bolters and not an actual weapon. So I basically can shoot 12 shots per bolter side twin linked.. I also give the marines themselves salvo giving me a lot of firepower. Ravenwing are for fun and fast scoring, libie goes with them. Also never leave home without your auspex, denying cover is an awesome non-psychic de-buff at our disposal.

It is a basic list and very similar to the one I will run at Templecon with Vanilla marines+eldar allies. Yet I believe this lsit would take the Templecons lists lunch money. Between LAnd Raiders with an INvul save, the current meta and in general a 4++ everywhere this list will work fairly well in todays meta in the northeast where daemons are around but a bit rarer in tournaments I attend (for no apperent reason btw)

Any thoughts?


  1. The salvo rule says that if you move, you use the smaller number and the range is reduced by 1/2. So on the move you do not really gain much, so just move 12 inches the first turn and camp the center with the raiders.

  2. except vehicles dont count as moving for the purposes of shooting

  3. I don't see what you have in this list that actually kills stuff. You going to kill the enemy with bolter shots and lasguns? Sorry to be negative, but there just doesn't seem to be any damage output.

    Moreover, your opponent is going to love you for giving him all those 4+ invulns.

  4. Why not put the tac marines in rhinos to protect them from nasty templates. The three inch bubble should be easy to maintain over the rhino's. The 35 point rhino gets a heck of a lot better with a 4++ save. Or do you want the bubble wrap to ward against assaults?

  5. Works in my vanilla marine list,

    Lol bob 24 twin linked bolter shots per raider a turn not killing things? And it worked i the tournament without that many shots

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  7. We tried some lists with Land raiders crusader and banner of devastation and won every match...but we run 3 or for LR.